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How To Lower The Risk Of Water Damage In Your New Build Homes

30 Oct, 2020 By Michael Kiernan


For too long, architects and property developers have seen water damage as something..
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Are Shower Pods Suitable For Residential New Builds? Yes, And Here's Why

18 Jun, 2020 By Michael Kiernan

It makes a lot of sense to use shower pods in new residential developments. Save money and time..

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Need A Quick Solution For Your Shower Installation? Consider Switching To Shower Pods

12 Jun, 2020 By Michael Kiernan

Planning a new-build housing development requires a delicate balance of timescale and budget –..

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5 Super Shower Pod Features That Will Change Your Mind!

27 Apr, 2018 By Michael Kiernan

Shower pods are not a new innovation but they have been slow to enter into the housing..

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