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Why Are Shower Pods Becoming More Popular In New Build Residential Developments?

Posted by Kevin Taylor


Shower pods have grown in popularity over the past decade. New build high-rise apartments for the student or young professionals rental market have long integrated these pre-fabricated pods as a convenient bathroom option. Now even medium-rise housing developments have started installing shower pod technology in new builds and made-to-rent spaces. Here, we take a deep dive into this new development in the residential sector and how shower pods will continue to grow in popularity.

The Home Builder's Guide to Shower Pods

Shower Pod Popularity

Shower pods have long been a go-to option for many rentable properties, hotels and short-term accommodation. They became a prominent feature of student bathrooms and overnight options, in particular, because they’re easy to clean and cheap to maintain. They can be installed in very little time, with numerous bathrooms completed in a single day. In general terms, shower pods are prefabricated showers that function just like any other conventional shower setup. However, they are distinguished by their off-site production and assembly for quick installation on-site. This lends a more robust feel to the bathroom that’s more fine-tuned than traditional setups.

Yet while shower pods have built a strong reputation as no-nonsense, long-lasting and affordable options in hotels and rented apartments, they’re popular in luxury markets too. This is thanks to a wide range of compelling new custom designs and features that can be chosen during construction. 

Leakproof Seals

One of the main perks here is the leakproof nature of shower pods. Without the need for a separate tray and grouted tiled walls, there are fewer risks of water egress when using the shower.  Shower pods are designed to fit in any chosen space with perfectly aligned features and design, without requiring complex plumbing infrastructure prior to installation. 

Future Projections And Trends

The private rental market has already produced a solid sector for shower pods. However, housebuilders and developers need to adapt to implement pods in the design stage. For one, pods need to be rationalised within sleek economic models for house building and preparation. As you can vary the shape, size and style of pods, developers need to think about the sort of choice they can offer buyers. The key is to keep shower room footprints limited to reduce costs while still providing unique input on colour and finishes for the buyer.

The Appeal Of Easy Installation

As we can see, it isn’t just student accommodation and hotels that benefit from shower pods. Residential properties gain from offsite construction, creating faster construction times, enhanced quality and reduced labour costs. Standard shower and bathroom installations can be lengthy and expensive because many elements need to be constructed on-site, generating long processing times, particularly in residential apartments. Shower pods are all-in-one units that can be installed in just one day across numerous rooms.

Easy Upkeep

More crucial for modern developers is the shower pod's reputation. Shower pods have grown in popularity not just for their ease of installation, but for their upkeep. There’s little maintenance and low-running costs over time, and less potential for leaks and repairs. This makes shower pods a savvy investment for forward-thinking developers, saving money while maintaining high quality for the future. What’s more, shower pods can be implemented in all residential projects, from low- to high-rise properties. They're a boon for the developer, home buyers, and the future.

Find Out More

To find out more about our shower pod range and how they can complement any new build property development, give us a call today, or download a free copy of our Ultimate Shower Pods Guide.

Home Builder's Guide To Shower Pods

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Home Builder's Guide To Shower Pods
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