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How Luxury Shower Pods Can Enhance Your Festival Glamping Service in 2021

16 Oct, 2020 By Michael Kiernan

With this year’s live music season wiped out by the Covid-19 pandemic, 2021 promises to be a..

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University Facilities Managers: How Shower Pods Can Lower Your Estate Management Bill

9 Oct, 2020 By Michael Kiernan

Modern student halls commonly feature en suite bathrooms – a move party driven by the lucrative..

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Are Shower Pods Suitable For Office Bathrooms?

2 Oct, 2020 By Michael Kiernan

If you’ve never cycled to work, you may be curious as to the reasons behind installing showers..

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4 Applications For Our Leakproof Shower Pods

25 Sep, 2020 By Michael Kiernan

Whether you’re a property developer or landlord looking to transform your bathroom or a premises..

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Open For Business: Contact Advanced Showers Today For New Shower Pod Installation!

15 Sep, 2020 By Michael Kiernan

At Advanced Showers, we’re open for business and ready to work with you to equip your premises..

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How to Prevent Leaks in Your Shower Cubicles

8 Sep, 2020 By Michael Kiernan

Leaking showers are a common problem within residential and commercial properties, and the..

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How Shower Pods Can Support Frontline Workers During the Covid-19 Pandemic

1 Sep, 2020 By Kevin Taylor

Showers for frontline NHS staff have never been so important. Our brilliant healthcare..

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Can I Get Legionnaires’ Disease From My Shower?

24 Aug, 2020 By Michael Kiernan

As the 2020 intake prepare for their first term at university this autumn, it’s only natural..

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Do I Need a Shower Pod?

5 Aug, 2020 By Kevin Taylor

Are you thinking of replacing those dingy, dark, damp showers?Instead of choosing another..

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Wet Room Or Shower Pod? Pros & Cons For Student Accommodation

2 Jul, 2020 By Michael Kiernan

When it comes to student housing, you want things to be cheap, practical, and long-lasting. Wear..

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