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Water Saving Shower Heads: How To Save Money On Your Water Bill In 2024

14 Mar, 2024 By Kevin Taylor

Investing in water-saving shower heads is a savvy cost saving strategy for any homeowner,..

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Case Study: Metropolitan Thames Valley Keyworker Housing, Oxford

14 Mar, 2024 By Kevin Taylor

One of our major projects of 2023 involved installing new corner shower pod units for NHS key..

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Portable Shower Pods For Worksites: The Ideal Shower Solution For Construction, Festivals & Other Temporary Events

7 Mar, 2024 By Kevin Taylor

Shower pods are an increasingly common fixture of bath and shower rooms in university halls of..

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New Year University Shower Maintenance Checklist

1 Mar, 2024 By Kevin Taylor

With most British universities still closed for the Christmas and New Year recess, many shower..

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Mould: The Hidden Guest In Your Shower Room

29 Feb, 2024 By Kevin Taylor

Mould is a prevalent issue in shower rooms the length and breadth of the country, usually caused by..

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Advanced Showers: 29 Years Old And Still Going Strong

20 Feb, 2024 By Kevin Taylor

Who among our readers can remember what they were doing in 1995? Some of you may have been at..

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Health Problems Caused By Mould And Damp In The Winter

15 Feb, 2024 By Kevin Taylor

Winter 2023/24 has, so far, been a miserable year for seasonal illnesses. With Covid showing no..

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Mould Free Mastics - Do They Really Do Anything?

8 Feb, 2024 By Kevin Taylor

Mould-free mastics, or mould resistant sealants, are formulated to resist the growth of mould and..

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How Long Does It Take To Install 100 Shower Pods In A University Halls of Residence?

9 Jan, 2024 By Kevin Taylor

If you’re reading this article as a facilities manager or estates manager at a UK university, you..

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