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What Is The Guarantee Period For Shower Pods?

10 Dec, 2018

At Advanced Showers, each of our pods comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee. This may..

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Shower Pod vs Wet Room: Which is Best?

6 Dec, 2018

Mention a wet room, and the mind can conjure up all sorts of exotic ideas. All that space to..

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How To Save Space By Installing A Shower Pod

30 Nov, 2018

One of the most common problems with showers that have been in situ for a number of years is –..

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How Long Does It Take To Install A Shower Pod?

28 Nov, 2018

With tight time constraints and even tighter budgets, architects and designers are increasingly..

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Alcove vs Corner vs Bespoke Shower Pods

20 Nov, 2018

With such a wide variety of shower pod types and styles, virtually any space can be converted..

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7 Accessories Available For Your Shower Pod

12 Nov, 2018

At Advanced Showers, not only do we provide a number of options regarding the configuration and..

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How To Get The Right Shower Cubicle Size For University Accommodation

26 Jul, 2018

Cubicle showering arrangements for high density accommodation such as university halls of..

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How Do Shower Pods Work?

20 Jul, 2018

Shower pods are a long lasting and low maintenance option that are superior to conventional tile..

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Are Shower Pods Completely Leak & Maintenance Free?

13 Jul, 2018

Incredible though it may seem, shower pods do indeed represent a solution that is guaranteed..

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5 Benefits Of Commercial Shower Pods

2 Jul, 2018

Shower pods are growing in popularity with architects, facilities managers and developers of..

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