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Bathroom Showrooms: What You Need To Know About Our Advanced Showers Shower Pods

24 Jun, 2024 By Kevin Taylor

When we founded Advanced Showers in 1995, our main market was the commercial sector, and you’ll..

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Innovative Hygiene For Greenfield Festivals: The Rise Of Shower Pods On UK Festivals And Camping Sites

17 Jun, 2024 By Kevin Taylor

Modern British festival goers like nothing better than to be ‘sorted out for ease and fizz’, a..

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Looking For A New Style Of Shower For Your Selection? Call Advanced Showers

10 May, 2024 By Kevin Taylor

Looking beyond your internal product library and the standard selections available to most..

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What Is The Solution To The UK’s Damp And Mould Problem?

26 Apr, 2024 By Kevin Taylor

Black Mould, or Stachybotrys Chartarum to its friends, is a widespread family of mould organisms..

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Upgrade Your Airbnb Guesthouse With A Stylish Shower Pod From Advanced Showers

19 Apr, 2024 By Kevin Taylor

With the winter losing its grip, people all over the country are making plans to hit the road for a..

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Does My Office Need Shower Facilities For My Staff?

15 Apr, 2024 By Kevin Taylor

Work: it takes up the majority of our lives. We get up early, prepare, commute, dedicate hours of..

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Accommodation Renovations For Dioceses of Ely, Suffolk & Oxford (Church of England)

4 Apr, 2024 By Kevin Taylor

Over the past couple of years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with property directors,..

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Water Saving Shower Heads: How To Save Money On Your Water Bill In 2024

14 Mar, 2024 By Kevin Taylor

Investing in water-saving shower heads is a savvy cost saving strategy for any homeowner,..

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Case Study: Metropolitan Thames Valley Keyworker Housing, Oxford

14 Mar, 2024 By Kevin Taylor

One of our major projects of 2023 involved installing new corner shower pod units for NHS key..

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