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Why Fire Stations Need Modern, Efficient Shower Facilities

19 Apr, 2021 By Michael Kiernan

Fire stations are at the frontline of community safety. However, they harbour a range of hidden..

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Shower Pod Design – How To Choose The Right Shower Pod For Your Premises

9 Apr, 2021 By Michael Kiernan

Like the Pick’n’Mix of the hygiene world, shower pods are wonderfully versatile units. There is..

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The Hygienic Showering Solution – Special-Order Shower Pods Now Available With In-Built Antimicrobial Protection

7 Apr, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Cleanliness and ease of cleaning have always been some of the biggest selling points for our..

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4 Ways That Upgrading To Leak-Proof Shower Pods Can Save Landlords Money

1 Apr, 2021 By Michael Kiernan

All landlords need to balance their investments, and bathrooms are often the most complicated..

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Why Shower Pods Are The Trend To Watch In 2021 For Residential New Builds

25 Mar, 2021 By Michael Kiernan

Residential new builds are in high demand, but with an audience switched on to both quality and..

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How Shower Pods Can Improve Bathroom Safety For Older Adults

15 Mar, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

For elderly care home residents and in-patients in hospitals, who are at risk of falls, a shower..

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Shower Pods: Safety, Comfort, And Easy Access For People With Disabilities And Limited Mobility

10 Mar, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

For many people who experience mobility problems, baths pose a practical problem. Getting into..

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Which is the Best Type of Shower Cubicle for a Student Bathroom?

25 Feb, 2021 By Michael Kiernan

If you're dealing with the challenges of limited bathroom space in student flats or Halls of..

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Breathe Deeply! The 3 Biggest Health Risks Of Damp Bathrooms

18 Feb, 2021 By Michael Kiernan

There’s no getting away from the fact that bathrooms get damp. However, the growth of mould is..

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