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New Fire-Resistant Shower Pods From Advanced Showers

12 Jul, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

At Advanced Showers, we’ve taken steps to improve the fire resistance rating of our shower pods..

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What Is The Best Bathroom Solution For Student Accommodation?

10 Jul, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Student bathrooms require regular maintenance and are often prone to problems with leaks and..

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How Do I Stop Student Shower Cubicles From Leaking?

8 Jul, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Dealing with a leaky shower, faulty seal or excess splashing at your university showers? As a..

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How To Guarantee A Leak-Free Shower

6 Jul, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

For schools, universities and hotels, low-level water leakage from showers can be a real..

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Can I Install A Shower Pod In A Listed Building?

5 Jul, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

If you own or manage a listed building, installing modern bathroom facilities can be a..

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Shower Pods Vs Wet Rooms: Which Is Better?

2 Jul, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Recent years have seen some significant improvements in bathroom solutions. Moving on from the..

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Biomaster-Treated Shower Pods – The Next Generation In Hygienic Shower Design

1 Jul, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

If there’s one thing that people expect from their showers, it’s that they’re hygienic and easy..

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Looking To Save Time, Space, And Money While Adding Character To Your Bathroom? Look No Further Than Our Alcove Pods!

23 Jun, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Advanced Showers' Alcove Shower Pods add an attractive, engaging fixture to any bath or shower..

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Residential Landlords - How To Avoid The Nightmare Of A Major Shower Leak

15 Jun, 2021 By Michael Kiernan

As a residential landlord, you’ll already understand that unreported issues with your property or

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