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What Size Humidistat Does A Shower Need?

8 Feb, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

When you want a healthy and clean bathroom, never forget about damp and mould – they can be hugely..

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What Causes A Shower To Flood?

1 Feb, 2023 By Kevin Taylor


A shower is part of many people’s everyday routines. You never really consider anything going..

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Are Water Cuts Likely In The UK?

25 Jan, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

After a particularly dry summer, some are curious as to why the UK is still in a drought. And of..

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The Benefits Of Humidistats

18 Jan, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

Humidistats are a fantastic addition to any bathroom. If you are concerned about the humidity in..

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Does The Tiny House Trend Encourage Damp And Mould Growth?

11 Jan, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

Tiny houses are becoming more and more popular. However, minimalists who love tiny houses don’t..

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How To Unblock A Shower Drain Yourself

4 Jan, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

If a shower is draining slowly or failing to drain, it can quickly become a serious issue. Here, we..

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How To Tackle A Bathroom Overrun With Mould

22 Dec, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

Walking into a bathroom to find it overrun with mould can feel like a nightmare. When managing a..

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How Often Do Showers Need Maintaining?

19 Dec, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

Maintaining your showers is key to ensuring that they stay in excellent condition. Regularly..

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Is A Shower Or A Bath More Sustainable?

3 Nov, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

Shower vs bath’ is an increasingly important question as the world tackles rising energy prices..

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Can I Cut The Cost Of My Shower Bill?

31 Oct, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

The energy crisis has affected homes, businesses, and industries across the UK. At the same time,..

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