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Start Planning Now For Next Year’s University Bathroom Refits

23 Nov, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

Refurbishing the shower and bath facilities in student accommodation is an essential part of..

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Letting Buildings Breath: Tackling The Problem Of Damp And Mould In Modern Homes

16 Nov, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

Damp and mould have been a pervasive issue in British homes since at least the Victorian period,..

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Why Are Our Shower Cubicles So Easy to Keep Clean?

9 Nov, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

Cleaning and maintaining a tile and tray shower can quickly become a tedious chore. Over time,..

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Shower Vs Baths In A Small Bathroom

2 Nov, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

Although the earliest known bath dates from the Indus Valley civilisation were some 4,000 years..

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Why The Smell Of Mould In Your Property May Be A Sign Of Mould

26 Oct, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

If you’ve noticed a persistent unpleasant or musty smell in your property, it could be a warning..

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Where You Should Look to Find Hidden Mould In Your Bathroom

19 Oct, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

Mould can be a persistent problem that can easily take root in bathrooms, thriving in damp and..

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The Best Dehumidifiers to Prevent Damp And Mould In Winter 2023

12 Oct, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

Excess moisture in the home can lead to serious issues with mould, mildew and lingering dampness..

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How Much Can a Leaking Shower Cost You?

5 Oct, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

Water leaks from traditional tile-and-tray showers are not uncommon. In fact, leaking showers are..

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Case Study: Our Work With Charing Cross Hospital, London

4 Oct, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

Our modular shower pods are a versatile and cost-effective solution for multiple occupancy housing..

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