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Why Do So Many Showers Leak?

7 Jun, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

Are you an architect planning a new project – maybe a new block of student housing or a residential..

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6 Reasons Why Shower Pods Are The Best Solution For Student Halls Of Residence Accommodation

20 Apr, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

If you're in the business of building student halls of residence, then you'll definitely want to..

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Students Returning Post-Lockdown: Get Your Student Accommodation Back Up To Standard!

23 Mar, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

As we approach the two-year anniversary of the first Covid-19 lockdown, life is beginning to return..

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Are En-Suite Bathrooms Becoming The ‘New Normal’ For Student Accommodation?

16 Mar, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

In the past, some student accommodation had a less than salubrious reputation, with undergraduates..

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Universities and Boarding Schools: Start Planning Your Student Halls’ Renovations for 2022/23 NOW!

9 Mar, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

For many people, the vision of boarding school life is of children trudging barefoot along cold..

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The Benefits Of Shower Pods For HMOs And Shared Households

2 Feb, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

At some point in their lives, most people will need to live in a shared household. As such, Houses..

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4 Tips For Keeping Showers Clean In Student Accommodation

5 Oct, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

If you’re a contractor or a facilities manager dealing with student accommodation on a large..

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Why Shower Pods Are Ideal In A Phased Bathroom Refurbishment

18 Aug, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

The refurbishment of student bathrooms is often perceived to be time-consuming and inconvenient,..

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How Do I Stop Student Shower Cubicles From Leaking?

13 Aug, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Dealing with a leaky shower, faulty seal or excess splashing at your university showers? As a..

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