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5 Health Benefits of Taking A Shower

17 Dec, 2021 By Kevin Taylor


While the benefits of showers may seem all too obvious (we clean ourselves), there are actually..

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The Eco-Friendly Way To Clean Your Shower Fixtures, Taps, And Accessories!

3 Dec, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Nobody likes a dirty bathroom with grimy spots or limescale stains. While keeping shower fixtures..

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How Can I Prevent Mould Growth In My Shower?

4 Nov, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Mould is unsightly and can also be a major health hazard. Bathrooms are prime real estate for..

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4 Tips For Keeping Showers Clean In Student Accommodation

5 Oct, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

If you’re a contractor or a facilities manager dealing with student accommodation on a large..

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Biomaster-Treated Shower Pods – The Next Generation In Hygienic Shower Design

1 Jul, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

If there’s one thing that people expect from their showers, it’s that they’re hygienic and easy to..

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Now Is The Time For Home Refurbs

24 May, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Has lockdown spurred you on to turn your house into something more homely? If so, you’re not alone...

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Charing Cross Hospital Project Update

17 May, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

There may be many divisions in British society at the moment, but there’s one front that we stand..

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Why Fire Stations Need Modern, Efficient Shower Facilities

19 Apr, 2021 By Michael Kiernan

Fire stations are at the frontline of community safety. However, they harbour a range of hidden..

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The Hygienic Showering Solution – Special-Order Shower Pods Now Available With In-Built Antimicrobial Protection

7 Apr, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Cleanliness and ease of cleaning have always been some of the biggest selling points for our shower..

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Can I Get Legionnaires’ Disease From My Shower?

24 Aug, 2020 By Michael Kiernan

As the 2020 intake prepare for their first term at university this autumn, it’s only natural..

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