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Smart Showers, Wet Room Panels, & Shower Pods – The Innovations Driving The Recovery Of The UK Shower Market 

26 Jan, 2022 By Michael Kiernan

After the temporary drop in output that affected most areas of business and industry in..

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6 Shower Solutions For Tall People

12 Jan, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

Showering can be a frustrating exercise for taller people. Many showers and bathtubs are only..

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Can Shower Pods Help The Bathroom Market Bounce Back After Covid?

31 Dec, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Covid-19 has had a tremendous impact on the bathroom sector, with long-running implications that..

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Why Are Shower Pods Becoming More Popular In New Build Residential Developments?

24 Dec, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Shower pods have grown in popularity over the past decade. New build high-rise apartments for..

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5 Health Benefits of Taking A Shower

17 Dec, 2021 By Kevin Taylor


While the benefits of showers may seem all too obvious (we clean ourselves), there are..

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Why Black Shower & Bathroom Accessories Are Making A Big Comeback In 2022

10 Dec, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

As the sun sets on another covid-ridden year, we look forward to 2022 and the next inspiring..

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How To Increase Storage Space In Your Shower Room

25 Nov, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Image Source: Unsplash

Whether you're working with a large heavy-traffic family bath and shower..

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How Can I Prevent Mould Growth In My Shower?

4 Nov, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Mould is unsightly and can also be a major health hazard. Bathrooms are prime real estate for..

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Shower Design Ideas For Small Hotel Bathrooms

27 Oct, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

The right hotel shower design can infuse a space with an atmosphere of comfort, cleanliness, or..

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