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Why Do So Many Bathrooms Grow Mould?

21 Jul, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

Picture this. You’re taking a shower in your bathroom and enjoying a nice, peaceful time to..

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Does a Mouldy Bathroom Lead To a Mouldy Building?

14 Jul, 2022 By Michael Kiernan

In both residential and commercial settings, a mouldy bathroom can be a challenge to tackle. No one..

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Why Do So Many Showers Leak?

7 Jun, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

Are you an architect planning a new project – maybe a new block of student housing or a residential..

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Why Do Shower Cubicles Leak?

3 May, 2022 By Michael Kiernan

Leaking shower cubicles are among the most frustrating household problems for homeowners and..

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6 Reasons Why Shower Pods Are The Best Solution For Student Halls Of Residence Accommodation

20 Apr, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

If you're in the business of building student halls of residence, then you'll definitely want to..

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Can A Leak-Proof Shower Pod Reduce The Maintenance Costs Of My BnB?

19 Oct, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

When it comes to maximising the potential of a Bed & Breakfast (BnB) pub or private guest house,..

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Can Shower Pods Improve Bathroom Safety For People With Mobility Challenges?

21 Sep, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Older adults account for approximately 18% of the UK’s total population, and the percentage is..

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What Are The Benefits of Shower Pods?

3 Sep, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Shower pods are a revolution in shower design that is likely to become the most popular choice in..

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How Do I Stop Student Shower Cubicles From Leaking?

13 Aug, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Dealing with a leaky shower, faulty seal or excess splashing at your university showers? As a..

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What Is The Best Bathroom Solution For Student Accommodation?

10 Jul, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Student bathrooms require regular maintenance and are often prone to problems with leaks and damp...

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