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Why Do Shower Cubicles Leak?

3 May, 2022 By Michael Kiernan

Leaking shower cubicles are among the most frustrating household problems for homeowners and..

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Workplace Shower Facilities: Can Shower Pods Ensure The Safety Of Employees?

13 Oct, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Lots of jobs require thorough decontamination before or after shift, and many workplaces provide..

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Shower Pods Vs Wet Rooms: Which Is Better?

2 Jul, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Recent years have seen some significant improvements in bathroom solutions. Moving on from the..

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Now Is The Time For Home Refurbs

24 May, 2021 By Kevin Taylor

Has lockdown spurred you on to turn your house into something more homely? If so, you’re not alone...

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How To Make Your Shower Room And Accessible For Children

7 Apr, 2021 By Michael Kiernan

Shower time is fun for kids and a great source of distraction for parents! But the bathroom poses..

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Which is the Best Type of Shower Cubicle for a Student Bathroom?

25 Feb, 2021 By Michael Kiernan

If you're dealing with the challenges of limited bathroom space in student flats or Halls of..

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Modular Shower Pods: How Long Does It Take To Install A Shower Cubicle?

1 Jan, 2021 By Michael Kiernan

Whether you are an architect, a building contractor, or you are in charge of maintenance in a..

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How to Prevent Leaks in Your Shower Cubicles

8 Sep, 2020 By Michael Kiernan

Leaking showers are a common problem within residential and commercial properties, and the..

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Need A Quick Solution For Your Shower Installation? Consider Switching To Shower Pods

12 Jun, 2020 By Michael Kiernan

Planning a new-build housing development requires a delicate balance of timescale and budget – and ..

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Why Are Shower Pods From Advanced Showers The Best Solution For Hostels?

29 May, 2020 By Michael Kiernan

Guests who stay in hostels often have a lot to say about the quality of the showers. In fact, good..

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