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Why Architects Need To Plan A Bathroom For Shower Pods

7 Jul, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

Planning is something which all architects know is a key part of their job. Proper planning helps..

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Pros And Cons Of ‘Green’ Shower Cleaning Products

1 Jul, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

All over the world, consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of their choices..

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Why Shower Pods Are An Architect’s Dream

24 Jun, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

From working around original features to meeting planning obligations on new build developments, an..

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6 Reasons Contractors Are Still Falling In Love With Shower Pods!

21 Jun, 2022 By Michael Kiernan

At Advanced Showers, we’ve never had to return to site to fix issues with a single shower pod..

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Are Showers Bad For The Environment?

14 Jun, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

A 2019 survey reported in The Mirror polled Brits on the shower vs bath debate. More than half of..

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Why Do So Many Showers Leak?

7 Jun, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

Are you an architect planning a new project – maybe a new block of student housing or a residential..

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How Much Electricity Does My Shower Use?

31 May, 2022 By Michael Kiernan

In the context of expensive energy prices, many consumers are turning away from baths and favouring..

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Planning A New Bathroom? How To Choose Between A Bathtub Or Shower Enclosure

17 May, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

When it comes to outfitting a new bathroom, many homeowners face a tough choice: should they..

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Cold Shower Vs Hot Shower – Which To Choose And Why

10 May, 2022 By Michael Kiernan

For many of us, a hot shower is the first thing we do in the morning, and often the last thing we..

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