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5 Ways Shower Pods Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

28 Oct, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

Although their main attraction is being completely leak-proof, shower pods also have a surprising..

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What Is The Global Water Crisis, And How Can Shower Pods Help?

25 Oct, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

If 70% of the earth is water, why are we talking about a water crisis? Today’s article lays bare..

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How Can I Make My Shower More Eco Friendly?

22 Oct, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

We all know that we need to make changes regarding sustainability, and with soaring costs, hosepipe..

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Outshine Any 5-Star Hotel With Our Sleek, Modern Shower Pods!

19 Oct, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

What do most five-star hotels have in common?

Their luxurious bathrooms with gleaming fixtures and..

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How Many Shower Pods Can A Bathroom Contractor Install In A Day?

12 Oct, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

In such a competitive industry as construction, time is money. The more efficient you can be as a..

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Be The Best Architect You Can Be With Shower Pods To Beat 'Em All!

5 Oct, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

As an architect, you are always looking for ways to improve your craft and offer the best bathroom..

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Showers That Make You Feel Extra Eco!

28 Sep, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

When you use leak-free Shower Pods in your projects, you can feel good knowing that you're..

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Can I Use A Rainwater Harvesting System With My Shower Pod?

26 Sep, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

As we move towards a more sustainable way of living, rainwater harvesting is gathering pace. This..

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How Does Water Wastage Affect The Environment?

21 Sep, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

Water is a vital resource for all life on Earth, yet it is something we often take for granted...

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Presenting… State-Of-The-Art Shower Pods For Everywhere From Universities To New Builds!

14 Sep, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

Shower pods are becoming an increasingly popular choice for many applications in the UK, from..

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