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Modular Shower Pods: How Long Does It Take To Install A Shower Cubicle?

1 Jan, 2021 By Michael Kiernan

Whether you are an architect, a building contractor, or you are in charge of maintenance in a..

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Why Christmas Is The Right Time To Consider Upgrading Your Student Showering Facilities

23 Dec, 2020 By Kevin Taylor

The Christmas 2020 university break is going to be very unusual – for students, teachers, and..

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The Benefits Of Our 650 Range Of Shower Pods

18 Dec, 2020 By Michael Kiernan

The 650 Advanced Shower range is our most compact self-contained shower pods. We've engineered..

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How To Make The Best Use Of Space In Communal Shower Rooms

11 Dec, 2020 By Michael Kiernan

Communal shower rooms in leisure centres, schools, and hostels are not known for being spacious...

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Could “Glamping" Become A Little More Glamorous? (Camping With Shower Pods - Does It Get Any Better Than This?!)

4 Dec, 2020 By Michael Kiernan


Yes, we are in lockdown, but many people are still dreaming ahead to the future, and the..

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The Hidden Refurbishment Time Bomb Of Traditional Tiled Shower Rooms

27 Nov, 2020 By Michael Kiernan


Traditional shower cubicles have always needed tiles and grout.  Although tile-and-grout..

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We All Know The Problems With Bath And Shower Room Tiles But What Is The Alternative?

20 Nov, 2020 By Kevin Taylor


Bathrooms present a problem for many  architects and builders. While it may be easy to come..
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Modular Shower Pods For Architects: Everything You Need To Know

6 Nov, 2020 By Michael Kiernan
Curious about shower pods? This overview will help you learn how they work, and why you might..
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How To Lower The Risk Of Water Damage In Your New Build Homes

30 Oct, 2020 By Michael Kiernan


For too long, architects and property developers have seen water damage as something..
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