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Should I Let Warm Air Circulate During A Heatwave

28 Sep, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

With the increasing threat posed by climate change, heat waves on the scale of 2022 are becoming..

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How Watertight Shower Pods Could Avoid The Nightmare Scenario Posed By A Leaking Shower

21 Sep, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

A minor leak on a shower may seem to be little more than a slight inconvenience but, left..

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4 Tips For Using Communal Shower Cubicles At University

14 Sep, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

For many students, using shared showers at university is a necessary evil, and can initially seem..

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How To Keep Your Home Mould-Free

7 Sep, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

Mould can be a persistent and frustrating problem that is both unsightly and potentially dangerous..

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How Installing An Ensuite Bathroom Can Be An Excellent Property Investment

24 Aug, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

Adding an ensuite bathroom to your property could be one of your wisest investments. Ensuites..

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How Could Hidden Mould Make You Ill?

17 Aug, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

Mould is a pervasive problem in student accommodation that often lurks unseen, silently affecting..

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How To Maximise Space In Small Bathrooms

10 Aug, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

Everyone loves a big bathroom, but more often than not it simply isn’t possible to devote a huge..

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How A Leaking Shower Cubicle Can Cause Mould And What Damage It Can Do

3 Aug, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

A leaking shower is a common but potentially serious problem in many homes. As well as posing a..

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How To Get Mould In Your Bathroom Under Control

27 Jul, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

Mould is a common nuisance that can develop in bathrooms due to the warm, humid conditions of..

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Heating, Humidistats, and High Ventilation: A Winning Combination for Mould-Free Showers

20 Jul, 2023 By Kevin Taylor

In all residential properties, active measures are required to inhibit the growth of mould,..

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