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Get The Best Shower Pods With Advanced Showers

9 Apr, 2020 By Kevin Taylor

If you are looking for shower pods for your current or next project, you’ll research the best..

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How Our Shower Pods Are Helping During The Covid-19 Crisis

2 Apr, 2020 By Kevin Taylor

Who would have thought that just a month ago, we would find ourselves in lockdown? Many..

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How To Reduce High Maintenance Costs In Fire Stations Shower Facilities By Installing Shower Pods

30 Mar, 2020 By Michael Kiernan

Out-of-date showers in fire stations can pose significant challenges to estate and building..

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How Modern Shower Cubicles Are Superior To Old-Fashioned Tile-And-Tray

25 Mar, 2020 By Kevin Taylor

For decades, tile-and-tray showers have been the mainstay of British bathrooms, a purely..

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4 Top Tips On Choosing The Right Shower Cubicle

17 Mar, 2020 By Kevin Taylor

There are many shower cubicles to choose from, so how do you know that you're making the right..

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Get Rid Of Shower Leaks With Self-Contained Shower Pods

12 Mar, 2020 By Michael Kiernan

Self-contained shower pods are an excellent way of eliminating the risk of potentially serious..

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Prevent Damaging Leaks By Including Shower Pods In Your Next Build 

12 Feb, 2019 By Kevin Taylor

Leaks are a common problem with traditional bathrooms. Even when a bathroom has a waterproofing..

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Stop Your Bathroom Walls Deteriorating Thanks To Water-Tight Shower Pods

5 Feb, 2019 By Kevin Taylor

There is no doubt that bathrooms are required to stand up to a fair amount of wear and tear...

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Having Trouble With Tiled Showers? Try The Superior Alternative

30 Jan, 2019 By Kevin Taylor

Shower pods are becoming favourites for contractors and architects due to their superiority to..

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3 Quick Benefits Of A Moulded Shower Unit

23 Jan, 2019 By Kevin Taylor

Have you been looking to replace traditional tile-and-tray showers with a modern alternative..

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