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What The California Water Drought Can Teach Us About Saving Water When Showering

11 Aug, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

These days we are all a little more conscientious about how we use our resources. You might try to..

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How Much Does Shower Installation Cost In The UK?

4 Aug, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

Replacing, upgrading, or installing a shower is one of the most common bathroom renovation projects..

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Make The Most of Summer Holidays With Our Shower Pod Solutions

28 Jul, 2022 By Michael Kiernan

When students leave university for the summer, for them, it's an excellent opportunity to take a..

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Why Do So Many Bathrooms Grow Mould?

21 Jul, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

Picture this. You’re taking a shower in your bathroom and enjoying a nice, peaceful time to..

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Why All Modern Flats Should Be Fitted With Leak-Proof Shower Pods

15 Jul, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

Building and designing hundreds of properties isn't an easy task – it requires a significant amount..

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Does a Mouldy Bathroom Lead To a Mouldy Building?

14 Jul, 2022 By Michael Kiernan

In both residential and commercial settings, a mouldy bathroom can be a challenge to tackle. No one..

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Why Architects Need To Plan A Bathroom For Shower Pods

7 Jul, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

Planning is something which all architects know is a key part of their job. Proper planning helps..

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Pros And Cons Of ‘Green’ Shower Cleaning Products

1 Jul, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

All over the world, consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of their choices..

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Why Shower Pods Are An Architect’s Dream

24 Jun, 2022 By Kevin Taylor

From working around original features to meeting planning obligations on new build developments, an..

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6 Reasons Contractors Are Still Falling In Love With Shower Pods!

21 Jun, 2022 By Michael Kiernan

At Advanced Showers, we’ve never had to return to site to fix issues with a single shower pod..

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