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What Are Shower Pods?

Posted by Kevin Taylor

What Are Shower Pods - NEW

Shower pods are integrated units that offer a leak proof and maintenance free alternative to conventional tile and tray shower cubicles. They are perfect for housing development or refurbishment projects because they burn far less labour cost to install compared with constructing shower cubicles. They reduce project risk and speed up the overall construction time.

House build projects are just beginning to wake up to the benefits of shower pods that commercial showering demands in universities, schools, colleges and the like have been enjoying for over 20 years.

Manufactured From Resilient GRP

Our Coventry factory uses glass reinforced polymer as the material from which to mould the shower units. This material possesses flexibility and great strength, as well as being totally waterproof and resistant to cracking and wear over the course of its long life of between 25 to 30 years. It means that the colour, gloss, finish and performance never degrade.

Delivery On Demand

We can deliver to your construction site on a draw down basis as required by your project schedule. The shower units come in two, three or four horizontal sections that are light and easily carried to the location of the shower in each building because they are highly manoeuvrable.

Fast To Install

A shower pod can be assembled by a single tradesperson in a few hours. That means greatly reduced labour costs and fewer tradespeople – having more individuals involved always means greater management and supervisory overhead and adds the risk of delay to a construction project.


Showers and bathrooms represent risk for new projects, mainly due to the leaks that inevitably occur in a number of units. Shower pods from Advanced Showers are leakproof. That is because the horizontal sections clip together using a system of gaskets. Therefore there are no joins for water to escape through and no silicone, no tiles to become loose to permit water to seep through to the wall behind. Cracked shower trays are another frequent cause of leaks but not with shower pods. The shower trays are integrated into the shower unit, so there is no possibility of cracking or leaking.

No Maintenance

Tiles and trays are the most common cause of maintenance requirements, with tiles coming loose as described above and trays cracking. With shower pods requiring no tiles, that also means no grout to age, crumble and require replacing. With no grout, there is no black mould build-up either. Shower pods really do represent a ‘fit and forget’ product that eliminates one of the maintenance bugbears in both domestic and commercial development projects.

Wide Choice Of Styles And Sizes, And A Bespoke Option

No two building or refurbishment projects provide the exact same space for shower units. That is why the Advanced Showers product range comes with three different floor shapes to suit alcoves, corners and straight wall spaces. We supply small, medium and large luxury units with a variety of finishes from plain white to gold effect. Accessories such as integral lighting, seating and other additions are excellent for the top end of the range and suit the luxury market. For large volume orders, we can produce bespoke shower pod designs, when required, to provide total flexibility.

Find Out More

Find out more about the undoubted benefits that shower pods can bring to any project. Download our free eBook The Shower Pods Guide as a first step, and feel free to contact us for more information or to obtain a free quote for your next project.

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