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Are Shower Pods Suitable For Residential New Builds? Yes, And Here's Why

Posted by Michael Kiernan

Are Shower Pods Suitable For Residential New Builds Yes, And Here's Why

It makes a lot of sense to use shower pods in new residential developments. Save money and time on your building project, make the most of bathroom space, and enjoy reliability over time.

Let's take a look at why every property developer should consider shower pods.

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Designing With Shower Pods

Smart use of space is one of the hallmarks of good modern design. Land is costly, so architects have to learn to make the most of reduced space.

Shower pods can have a smaller footprint than traditional showers, but they are still an elegant solution. They give architects room to create interesting designs. Corner or alcove pods take advantage of the shape of the bathroom; no matter how unusual or awkward it may seem, there's always room for a shower pod.

The range of shower pods available from Advanced Showers also allows designers to keep the bathroom modern and sophisticated – which is a plus point for many prospective buyers and tenants. Square, curved, and even pentagon-shaped shower pods can be fitted. Designing a bespoke shower pod is a fairly easy process. This allows for great creativity and aesthetics, without a large footprint or excessive cost.

The Installation Process

Standard bathroom installations can be costly, time-consuming, and high in risk. Bathroom tiles and tray showers must be constructed on-site, in a process that can take 6 - 12 weeks to complete. By contrast, shower pods are a self-contained unit that can be installed and working in a day.

As well as saving time, using shower pods reduce risk. In standard bathroom construction, multiple contractors must be used; often, it's necessary to hire a separate tiler, plumber, and electrician. Any delays that may arise, therefore, cause larger problems, as they push back everyone's work schedule, increasing costs. Installing tile and tray showers at the closing stages of a build also creates a lot of mess – just when you need it the least. Modular shower pods are constructed in 2-3 sections and shipped to site for simple assembly. There is no need to cut tiles to size or mess about with dust, grout and sealants.

For simplified project management and reduced risk, shower pods are hard to beat. The installation of a shower pod is a one-man job - far easier than trying to manage separate contractors with their own scheduling needs.

A Long-Term Solution

Finally, shower pods are an excellent choice for forward-thinking property developers. That's because they have low maintenance costs over time, and don't cause the type of damage that is common with other showers.

Water damage from a leaky shower is not just inconvenient and unpleasant to look at; it can also be a serious problem. It leads to structural issues, mould, and damp, all of which can be extremely expensive and difficult to repair.

The leak-proof seal on a shower pod from Advanced Showers keeps the rest of the bathroom dry. This makes shower pods a great investment in the long term, saving money and keeping housing quality high for years to come.

Next Steps

For all these reasons, shower pods are a great solution in residential properties.

Get in touch with Advanced Showers if you'd like to know more, and we'll be happy to tell you about our range of models, as well as the possibility of bespoke designs.


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