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Shower Pods: The Ideal Solution Against The Damaging Effects Of Water Over Time

Posted by Michael Kiernan

Shower Pods The Ideal Solution Against The Damaging Effects Of Water Over Time xxxx

Every architect knows that bathrooms must be planned with care. Water damage is an incredibly common problem in both domestic and commercial properties. That's particularly true when showers have a high volume of users. If people are coming in and out of the shower several times a day, water damage is inevitable - or is it?

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The Problem Of Water Damage

A standard tiled shower is not leak-proof, no matter how well you try to seal it. Often, damage cannot be seen until it's already set in. Leaks can cause problems behind the shower wall, or between the tiles. This type of damage continues to develop, unseen.

Over time, water damage can lead to huge problems: mould, damp, and structural issues. This is especially worrying when your business depends on people regularly showering. Police stations, hostels, hotels, boarding schools, and other properties routinely see showers used many times in a single day. This can be a recipe for water damage.

Shower Pods: Protection From Water Damage

One of the best ways to prevent water damage is by installing shower pods. A self-contained shower cubicle keeps all the water inside, and won't damage the walls beyond. The shower cubicles from Advanced Showers are all designed to be fully leak-proof, so they can be used many times in a single day without leading to damp and other problems.

These shower units offer a simple alternative to the traditional cubicle. As well as keeping your walls safe, they are easier to maintain than other showers. Running costs are kept low, as you will not need to replace tiles as the years go by. There's no grout and mastic to be changed, either. Once your pod shower is in place, that's it.

Shower pods are designed to be easy to clean, and will not develop mould around any hard to reach corners as a regular shower does. The pods from Advanced Showers are made from materials that will not deteriorate over time. Because of this, they will stay in good condition. Not only will these shower pods look pleasing to the eye, they'll also avoid becoming a yearly maintenance project.

Easy To Install, Easy To Maintain

Shower pods are lightweight, so they are easy to transport, and installation is a simple process. After that, these self-contained units present a great modern way to ensure that your locker room or bathroom is kept fresh.

Over time, low running costs and a reduced chance of damage ensure that your shower pod will be a cost-effective alternative to traditional-looking showers. For more information, download your free copy of our Shower Pods Guide, and prepare to say goodbye to water damage and all the problems associated with it.


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