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Prevent Damaging Leaks By Including Shower Pods In Your Next Build 

Posted by Kevin Taylor

Prevent Damaging Leaks By Including Shower Pods In Your Next Build

Leaks are a common problem with traditional bathrooms. Even when a bathroom has a waterproofing system, leaks always occur eventually. Efforts to minimise leaks are only short-term and do not get to the root of the problem, which is the construction of the shower itself. Frequently installed in a hurry, tile-and-tray showers come with many weaknesses that allow leaks. Shower pods are effective solutions that eliminate the risk of leaks, whether in a new build or renovation. How do Advanced Showers' shower pods achieve this?

How Shower Pods Prevent Leaking

A typical shower consists of a tray, wall tiles and tile grout. Tile grout contains microscopic holes that let water seep in. Even a perfectly installed shower uses materials that degrade over time and allows more and more water through, which in turn weakens the grout further, creating a cycle that ends with loose tiles and a mould-infested bathroom!

Shower pods are moulded in sections that are designed to fit into eachother snugly to create a watertight space. No water can escape and shower pods are constructed from materials that don’t weaken over time, providing a solution that will last.

The Risk Of Bathroom Leaks

Leaking showers are both a safety hazard and are very expensive to rectify. Water leaks from showers can damage floors and ceilings and also allow mould to develop and spread. Damaged, wet plasterboard cannot be saved and has to be cut out and replaced. The low-risk solution is to choose a shower pod in the first place, not traditional tile or wallboard and tray.

Anticipating and preventing leaks from bathrooms is a priority for any building owner, architect or contractor - not just for the state of the bathroom, but the integrity of the entire building. Our leak-proof shower pods will prevent costly leaks. The ease of installation and maintenance of Advanced Showers’ pods, along with their 20+ year lifespan, gives a risk-free and durable solution to the problems caused by leaking showers. Please get in touch to find out more.

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