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End Shower Leaking Once & For All With Fibreglass Shower Pods!

Posted by Michael Kiernan

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Is it possible to completely avoid the problem of shower leaks? When using conventional shower installations the answer is ‘probably not’. Leaks are endemic to most showers and are almost guaranteed to appear at some point over the life-cycle of the shower. Rather than avoiding leaks altogether, estate managers seek to minimise the risk of leaks occurring, discover them quickly and address them cheaply and effectively. 

This is a matter of damage limitation rather than a long-term solution. By using a fibreglass shower pod, however, it is possible to completely avoid shower leaks.

What Are Shower Pods?

Shower pods are an innovative alternative to traditional tile and tray shower cubicles. They are designed and built in sections to fit your available space and then installed on site. Depending on your chosen design, a shower pod may be delivered in two, three or four sections. Fibreglass shower pods are becoming an increasingly popular solution with leading universities (including the University of Cardiff, University of Cambridge, University of Bath and the University of Oxford), as well as schools and hotels across the UK.

How Shower Pods Avoid Leaks

Shower pods are designed to be completely leak-proof. This increases the life-cycle of each shower unit and radically cuts back on reactive maintenance and cleaning requirements. This is quite a claim to make, so how do manufacturers achieve this level of leak resistance? The answer lies in a shower pod’s unique modular features, as well as its durable construction materials.

Seamless Construction

A conventional shower has two main elements; the shower tray with drainage element, and the tiled shower walls. Leaks most commonly occur through the gap running around the edge of the tiles where it joins the tray. The tray is sealed with mastic to prevent this, but it often proves to be inadequate, especially in high usage showers. A shower pod, on the other hand, is effectively seamless, because it’s three sections fit snugly together in a watertight, locking gasket. No mastic is required to seal these gaps, avoiding the need for ongoing maintenance.

Tough Outer Walls

Leaks also occur in conventional shower cubicles through cracks in the tiles or degraded grout. This is another problem not faced by shower pods. A shower pod is constructed of high performance polymer plastic, with a high-gloss surface that renders it completely water resistant. There are no gaps, fissures or joints to give water the opportunity to seep through.

More Benefits Of Switching To Sectional Fibreglass Shower Pods

To find out more about the advantages of installing fibreglass shower pods, please download our free Shower Pods Guide by clicking here. The new e-book covers a range of topics, including choosing the right style of shower pod, installation guidelines and potential cost savings. To speak with an advisor in person, please call 01483 532 020 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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