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Are Shower Pods Completely Leak & Maintenance Free?

Posted by Michael Kiernan

Are Shower Pods Completely Leak & Maintenance Free

Incredible though it may seem, shower pods do indeed represent a solution that is guaranteed never to leak. Their unique construction has nowhere for water to leak through and no component parts, such as tiles, to crack or lift off allowing water into the walls or floor. This is why shower pods are the dream answer to many housing developers and architects who want to deliver a high quality build that will be low maintenance for the foreseeable future.

The Leakproof Construction Of Shower Pods

There are several factors that enable us to guarantee that our shower pods are leakproof:

  • Constructed from GRP (fibreglass) which is waterproof
  • No tiles, sealants or joints through which water can leak
  • The tray is an integral part of the unit
  • The horizontal sections are assembled on site using a special gasket that does not permit leaks

How Shower Pods Work

Our Coventry factory manufactures our range of shower pods from moulds that are unique to each model. Knowing that GRP has a long lifespan of about 60 years, we selected it as the material for construction. It is also extremely robust and durable and its glossy attractive finish stands up to tough usage without deteriorating.

The pods are sectional – that is each model consists of two, three or four horizontal sections. They are delivered to your site on a call-off basis as required and the sections for each pod are then easily carried to the install location. They are highly manoeuvrable up stairways and through narrow corridors.

Assembling & Installing Shower Pods

Once taken to the correct location, each pod is assembled and installed. That can be done by one tradesperson in a few hours, which makes installation far cheaper than the conventional method of building a tile and tray cubicle from scratch. It also means fewer trades involved, which makes for smoother and faster project delivery with lower risk of delays.

Why Shower Pods Are ‘Fit & Forget’

Not only are they fast to install, but there is literally no maintenance required. Ever. Unlike conventional showers that inevitably require refurbishment after the grout goes black and mouldy, or tiles crack and lift off, there is nothing to maintain in a shower pod.

Equally, cleaning is simple – just a wipe down with a damp cloth is all that is required. All of this makes them a very attractive proposition for homebuyers and a marketing asset for new developments.

Wide Range Of Models Available

The selection of shower pods from Advanced Showers spans the entire range from economy models to high end very attractive luxury variants with options for seating and lighting. They are available in three shapes to suit corner or alcove locations – square, quadrant and pentagonal. The combination of shapes, styles and sizes means that there are 21 models to choose from.

Find Out More

Architects, developers and estate managers are invited to download the free guide that we wrote specially to explain in more detail how our shower pods work and why they are en extremely attractive option for 21st century builds. You can download The Shower Pods Guide here.

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