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How Modern Shower Cubicles Are Superior To Old-Fashioned Tile-And-Tray

Posted by Kevin Taylor

How Modern Shower Cubicles Are Superior To Old-Fashioned Tile-And-Tray

For decades, tile-and-tray showers have been the mainstay of British bathrooms, a purely functional facility that offers a quick alternative to a lengthy soak in the bath. Modern engineering, however, has revolutionised the options for homeowners and architects who seek a cleaner, more modern, and ergonomic solution in the shape of moulded shower units and pods – offering considerable benefits over old-fashioned cubicles.

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Whereas tile-and-tray showers lack sense of innovation, Advanced Shower pods are beautifully engineered, manufactured in the UK from GRP, their high gloss finish is sleek, clean, and durable.

Easier Cleaning & Maintenance

Due to their smooth, moulded design, modern shower enclosures are incredibly easy to clean. Dirt, scum, and detergents are swiftly removed with little physical effort, keeping the unit in pristine condition. By comparison, old-fashioned tile-and-tray showers are notoriously tricky to clean, particularly as tile grout stains easily, yet is challenging to scrub without causing damage.

Grout poses additional problems that complicate the maintenance of tiled showers. Because it is porous, grout gradually discolours and softens over time, so replacing it is the only option to maintain a fresh look. As grout crumbles, tiles can loosen, which, even if reattached, rarely sit flush with surrounding tiles, affecting the quality of the finish. Removing and replacing grout is hugely time-consuming and hardly the most satisfying of jobs, especially as you know your hard work is unlikely to last for long!

No Water Where There Shouldn’t Be

One of the perpetual problems many homeowners experience with traditional shower trays is a tendency for them to leak, often unseen, causing long-term damage to floors, wooden joists and ceilings. Leaks can occur in various places: around the edge of the tray, when the weight of the user causes the silicone seal to fail; from underneath the shower door; and around the drain. Mould, particularly underneath the silicone seal, is also a common problem.

Modern shower pods are designed to be watertight, constructed in such a way to eliminate the possibility of leaks developing over time. With each section of the modular unit bolted together and sealed with a neoprene gasket that is designed to prevent leaks, you can be confident that the old problem of escaping water is solved.


A Flexible Solution For Any Space

Traditional shower trays and enclosures tend to be available in a limited number of shapes and sizes, meaning that finding the perfect unit to fit your bathroom could be a challenge. Shower pods offer greater flexibility; your imagination is the only limitation! Whether you require a corner shower unit, perhaps where space is restricted, a walk-in shower to help you overcome a mobility problem or a larger unit for greater luxury, our range of moulded shower units will complement any bathroom.

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At Advanced Showers, we stock a range of shower pods to transform your bathroom, enabling you to ditch the old-fashioned tile-and-tray unit that really has seen better days. For more information, download our free Guide To Shower Pods by clicking here.

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