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Shower Pods vs Traditional 'Tiles & Tray' Showers

Posted by Kevin Taylor

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When getting a shower installed, most organisations opt for a traditional tile and tray shower. In the short term, it is inexpensive and can seem like a great idea. They can easily be adapted to a range of buildings and have the advantage of being straightforward and familiar to clients However, considering installing a shower pod instead could save you (and your clients) much money in the long run. Here is a brief comparison to show you why:

Tile & Tray Showers

Tile and tray showers have a short working life expectancy (3-7 years) and require constant maintenance to keep their appearance. They quickly accumulate mould in low ventilation environments, which can present a health hazard if they are not adequately cleaned. They are also prone to leaks. This can cost a lot of money over time, eating into a maintenance budget without you even realising that there’s another way. Tile and tray showers also drain your budget more than expected due to unexpected tile breakages. Quality tiles aren’t always cheap, so it is natural to want to avoid replacing them if at all possible.

When getting a title and tray shower installed, you risk delays with material deliveries and from being let down by plumbers, electricians, heating engineers, tilers or plasterers. This approach seems messy and convoluted, far from the streamlined approach most contractors and clients seek.

Modular Shower Pods

Shower pods are almost the complete opposite to regular showers when it comes to installation. They are easier to install in almost all ways as they don’t require much trade specific knowledge to assemble. This reduces the amount of specialist subcontractors that have to be managed on site. The shower pod’s sectional design allows it to be installed in just a few hours, which is a far cry from the few days you would be looking at when organising the installation of a tile and tray shower.

The modular/sectional design also allows for shower pods to be manoeuvred through tight hallways, which is ideal for universities, hotels and residential schools. With a tile and tray shower, you would have significantly more difficulty getting the materials into place, a lengthy process that invariably generates a lot of dust.

The Best Long Term Decision

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which product to install. However, you should factor in installation times and maintenance costs when deciding on total lifetime cost. Often people only think about the short term, which can lead to buying products which seem cheap up front but carry hidden costs over time. Small costs add up, so it would be advisable to choose an option which comes with less small expenses, even if it is a bit more expensive upfront.

Shower pods retain their appearance and integrity far easier than regular showers, making them excellent long term investments.

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