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Why Shower Pods Are The Trend To Watch In 2021 For Residential New Builds

Posted by Michael Kiernan


Residential new builds are in high demand, but with an audience switched on to both quality and design, getting it right can be tough. 2020 saw an increase in the installation of shower pods in residential properties. Here’s what’s driving the trend.

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High Demand

In 2019/2020, there were 244,000 residential new builds in England and Wales. According to the UK government, this is 100,000 fewer than were required to meet housing demands, adding to a backlog that has grown for decades. As a consequence, a worried Housing Department has added £1.5 billion to its £3bn New Build Fund incentive, with the aim of encouraging development within the sector. This has brought fresh creativity into the field, as well as giving designers and architects the chance to settle old scores in terms of perfecting the ergonomics, safety, and affordability of bathrooms.  

Sector Expansion

Over the last ten years, shower pods have seen their sectors expanding. Originally the preserve of student digs and hostels, pod technology has developed a wide appeal among new audiences. This is largely due to their cost to quality ratio, although their design flexibility is also instrumental in their increasing popularity. Importantly, the demand among the residential sector has seen steady rises across all price points, showing a wide market appeal.

Get The Wet Room Feel

Wet rooms have seen a surge in demand in recent years. However, as their design is typically bespoke, they remain the most expensive bathroom option. For ROI on development, they tend to be feasible only in high-end projects. To fill the market gap, pod designers have created floorless solutions for newbuilds where a wet-room feel is wanted without the wet-room cost. These can be combined with other trending aesthetics such as porcelain feature walls, alcoves, and recessed lighting.

Choice, Choice, and More Choice

Shower pods offer developers and architects a chocolate box of options. In their early days, the main concerns for pod design were hygiene and water-proofing, both of which were mastered decades ago. Today, the focus is on stylish design, advanced safety, and optimum value for money. For developers and investors in the housing industry, the scramble to fill the UK’s housing gap has just got easier.

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To find out more about why shower pods are worth keeping your eye on in 2021, have a chat with Advanced Showers today. You can also download our free Ultimate Shower Pods Guide by [clicking here].

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