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Why Should You Choose Shower Pods Over Wet Rooms For Hostel Installations?

Posted by Michael Kiernan

Why Should You Choose Shower Pods Over Wet Rooms For Hostel Installations

Hostels, with their city centre location and low cost, are a popular choice for younger travellers and, as such, tend to witness a constant flow of short-term guests, so demand on shower facilities is usually high. Wet rooms have often been a popular choice for hostel managers because they can accommodate multiple guests simultaneously, without the need for individual bathrooms that require tiling and maintenance. However, a cost-effective and convenient alternative – shower pods – could transform your hostel, without the impracticalities that tiled showers tend to bring.

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Wet Rooms Vs. Shower Pods: Which Is The Best Choice For Hostels?

While wet rooms may seem to be the obvious solution for communal hostel living, shower pods offer several distinct advantages:

1) Increased Capacity

In hostels, where space is at a premium to maximise the availability of accommodation for travellers, it may seem logical to install wet rooms, to concentrate shower facilities in one place. However, wet rooms can, proportionately, take up more space than individual shower enclosures, especially as shower pods offer a compact solution that can be easily installed in each room, rather than in a communal area. With no need for a large wet room, additional accommodation can be created, without diminishing the availability of showers for guests.

2) Less Chance Of Flooding

Wet rooms are designed to get wet, so there is no need to install individual cubicles, enclosures, or screens. Unfortunately, flooding in wet rooms is not uncommon, and it can take considerable time for the area to dry out, restricting access for guests.

Opting for shower pod installation, however, can solve this perpetual problem. Individual units, which are constructed of two or three distinct sections that are joined with a watertight seal, eradicate leaks. With each pod suitable for a single guest, shower water is contained within the unit, with no chance for the water to escape, making them ideal for fast installation within rooms, instead of in a communal shower area.

3) Individual Luxury Without The Price Tag

For decades, hostels have suffered from a mediocre reputation, with rock-bottom prices perceived to mean low standards of accommodation. However, en-suite showers are now standard in hotels, bed and breakfasts, and student halls of residence, so, with shower pods offering an affordable solution, hostels can also benefit.

With their sleek, ergonomic design, shower pods offer a touch of luxury without an unreachable price, making hostel accommodation more comfortable and convenient. Guests are sure to appreciate the element of privacy that your hostel’s shower installation provides.

What Next?

At Advanced Showers, we supply and install a range of shower pods that are perfect for every hostel, replacing out-of-date communal wet rooms with modern maintenance-free shower pods that will transform your accommodation. For more information, give us a call today.

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