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How Much Do Maintenance Free Shower Cubicles Cost?

Posted by Michael Kiernan

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When considering a maintenance-free shower cubicle, the cost can often be a determining factor in whether or not you include it in your build plans. Tile and tray showers can be cheap to install, but ludicrously expensive to keep maintained, so it would only be the opposite for maintenance-free shower cubicles, right? Wrong. While costing a little more upfront, maintenance-free shower cubicles often cost nothing at all in repair bills - saving far more money than expected.

Maintenance Free Shower Cubicles Vs Tile & Tray Showers

Tile and tray showers often seem like the obvious choice when looking to get a shower installed. They are cheap and often seem like the most cost-efficient option available. However, this is only true if you look at the short term. In the mid to long term, the cost of upkeep of tile and tray showers makes them extremely expensive. This is especially true when grout is involved, as it requires more intense upkeep and therefore, more maintenance.

The Upside Of Maintenance-Free Shower Cubicles

Maintenance free shower cubicles are incredibly beneficial to many clients and end-users. One of these benefits is in the name – they are maintenance free. Maintenance free products can often be costly, so you may already be worried about how much one of these may cost you. Don’t worry though; they offer excellent value for money.

The cost savings are extended further when you realise that your clients no longer need to pay for an hour or two of cleaning per shower. This is a good selling point for property developers. As maintenance-free shower cubicles are designed to be extremely easy to clean, it can cut that time in half or even quarter it if you are lucky.

Installation, A Comparison Of Costs

When getting a tile and tray shower installed, it often requires multiple tradespeople. The costs of which can add up quite quickly if you are not careful. This situation may be expected to many people looking to get a shower installed, but it shouldn’t be. There is a better way.

When shower pods are installed, it only requires one tradesperson. So, already you are cutting your installation costs. On top of this, time is also a commodity. Tile and tray showers take a while to install, a few days to a week usually. However, shower pods can be installed within a matter of hours. This is hugely beneficial due to lower labour costs. Why pay someone for a whole day of installation to get a more costly product when you can get a better item installed in a matter of hours?

A Final Word

When looking to install a maintenance free shower cubicle, the cost is often a determining factor. However, maintenance-free shower cubicles can save you a lot of money in the long run. The money that was earmarked to be spent on maintaining and cleaning showers can now be spent on better things. In today’s economy, saving money is extremely important. While tile and tray showers may seem inexpensive up front, they really aren’t due to reasons above. It is often a far better option to spend a little more upfront on a maintenance-free shower cubicle, reaping all the benefits and cost savings that come with that, than have to organise regular maintenance and cleaning for overly complicated showers that were extremely time-consuming to install.

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