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Showers In Baths Are An Accident Waiting To Happen – Upgrade Your Properties To Shower Pods In 2022

Posted by Kevin Taylor


Are you thinking of upgrading your rental properties to include new showers? If so, be aware of the main downsides of showers in baths before you make your final decision. For many landlords, upgrading their properties to include a shower pod, and even losing the bathtub altogether in smaller properties, can be an appealing option. Read on as we explore the disadvantages of traditional bathtub showers and discuss what makes shower pods an excellent solution for your rental housing.

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1) Slip Hazard

Showers in baths are a notorious slip hazard. If water spills out onto the floor, it can make the surface slippery and dangerous to walk on. This is especially true if your tenants have children or are elderly. 

2) Damp And Mould

Traditional bathtub showers can lead to damp and mould problems because there is nothing except a shower curtain to prevent the spread of moisture and water across the room. When taking a shower, water droplets can easily coat the wall and ceiling, creating a breeding ground for mould. This water can then seep into the walls or tiles around the edge of the bathtub, causing the silicone sealant to fail and discolouring the grout.

3) Large Footprint Of The Bath

Baths have a large footprint and can take up valuable space in a small bathroom – space that is wasted if the bath is seldom used. This can be a problem if you have a small property or flat and are looking to maximise the available space – for instance by adding an additional bedroom. In addition, many older Victorian and Edwardian properties have bathrooms that are simply not designed to accommodate large modern baths. If your rental property falls into this category, it might be worth considering upgrading to a shower pod instead.

Walk-in shower pods can be a more cost-effective and attractive option than bathtub showers for private lets for several reasons, including:

  • Lower maintenance: Bathtub showers require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. You need to make sure that the seal around the shower and the edge of the bath is in good condition and that the grouting is kept clean and free from mould. On the other hand, shower pods are much easier to clean and maintain and don't require any specialist tools.
  • Safety: When it comes to safety, shower pods are a clear winner over bathtub showers. With a nonslip surface, they are safe to use even when wet, and are also easier to get in and out of than bathtub showers, which is essential for elderly or disabled tenants.
  • Appearance: Shower pods come in a range of elegant modern styles and designs, so you are sure to find one that will complement your rental property's décor. For professional tenants looking for a sleek and contemporary property, shower pods are often a more attractive proposition than an old and discoloured bathtub with dated tiles. What’s more, you can keep your shower pod looking in excellent condition with far less maintenance and cleaning requirements than you would with a bathtub shower, as there is no need to regularly replace grouting and sealant.


Next Steps

At Advanced Showers, we have developed a range of shower pods that can be installed in any residential property, and that are perfect for private lettings. Contact us today by calling 01483 532020 to learn more about our shower pod solutions.

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