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What Are The Benefits of Shower Pods?

Posted by Kevin Taylor

Shower pods are a revolution in shower design that is likely to become the most popular choice in shower manufacture in the coming decade. There are so many benefits to choosing a shower pod over more traditional models, both for the customer and the installation team.

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Let’s take a look:

Guaranteed Not To Leak

A water leak in the home spells disaster for any homeowner and the risks associated with leaking showers can mean expensive refurbishments that involve many rooms. With their unique self-contained design, our shower pods are made entirely from waterproof GRP, meaning no potential leaks at all. No other shower can guarantee not to leak over time, but the integral floor means there is no shower tray, and therefore no way for water can escape. Similarly, there is no need for sealant or grout, which will inevitably fade and degrade over time, leading to unsightly discolouration as well as potential flooding.

Easy To Maintain and Healthier

Shower pods are attractively designed with a high-gloss finish, which means they go on looking brand new for years. Cleaning is simple as there are no wall tiles and no grout that can harbour mould or dirt, meaning no risk of discolouration or black marks that appear in ridges in the sealant. This reduces the need for expensive cleaning products, as the shower will look shiny and clean with just a simple wipe. Less risk of damp and mildew also makes a shower pod a far healthier choice as there are no dangerous spores lurking in the surrounding sealant. Even better, with no tiles to crack or grout to replace, shower pods are unlikely to require any further maintenance in years to come.

Attractive and Adaptable

Shower pods are available in a range of shapes and sizes. Tailor-made accessories can help create a unique design with a huge variety of lighting choices available. Some shower pods can even incorporate seats for increased accessibility.

Faster and Cheaper Installation

As all shower pods are pre-fabricated, they can be quickly and easily installed in as little as two hours by just one or two people. Not only does this reduce labour costs, but it also saves time and enables the installation team to be even more productive. Before installation, shower pods arrive in sections, which means they can easily be carried by one person no matter how narrow the hallway or steep the stairway along the way. Shower pods can even be easy to install in loft conversion ensuites by just one person in a very short space of time.

Shower Pods From Advanced Showers

Shower pods can withstand even the heaviest usage over a long period of time and require very little ongoing maintenance. Their durable finish means they will always look as sparkling new as the day of their first installation. The benefits of shower pods make them more pleasant for shower users and a better choice for both customers and installation teams every time. To find out more about our shower pod range and how they can be incorporated into hotel bathrooms, student residential units, property developments, and private homes, please download our Ultimate Shower Pods Guide.

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