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Is Shower Pod Installation For New Builds Cost Effective?

Posted by Michael Kiernan

Is Shower Pod Installation For New Builds Cost Effective

Any feature that reduces labour costs and project risks is to be welcomed by developers and project managers. These are some of the benefits that shower pods deliver, primarily because they are manufactured off site in our Coventry factory and delivered to you on a call off basis.

Offsite construction is specifically recognised as being desirable because it offers:

  • Better quality assurance
  • Cheaper labour costs
  • Reduced project risk
  • Faster on-site completion
  • Reduced risk of theft and accidental damage
  • Smaller snag list
  • Reduced warranty costs
  • Simplified procurement

Better Quality Assurance

The highly controlled manufacturing process in a dedicated factory is subject to extremely stringent quality assurance controls and product testing. Similar controls simply cannot be applied to a shower cubicle that is built on site by multiple tradespeople. Shower pods are guaranteed to be leak-proof and to last for 20 to 30 years with little or no degradation.

Cheaper Labour Costs

The modular construction of a shower pod unit means that the horizontal sections can easily be carried through narrow corridors and doorways to the installation location. They can be drawn down from our Coventry factory as required and delivered to your construction site to match the project schedule.

One tradesperson can assemble and commission a shower pod in just a few hours. That represents a huge saving on labour costs compared with building conventional tile and tray shower cubicles.

Reduced Project Risk

The fact that one person can commission our shower pods involves fewer tradespeople. That means far less project management and supervision, with greatly reduced risk of delay and knock-on project slippage.

Faster On-Site Completion

Shaving many hours off a single task like installing shower units is a superb saving in itself for a single construction unit, such as a house or an apartment. Multiply that by the number of units in a complete development and you begin to realise the significant cost savings and reduced risk of project overrun.

Reduced Risk Of Theft And Accidental Damage

Because there are no materials left lying around waiting for workmen to construct a shower cubicle, there is nothing to steal and nothing that can be damaged accidentally. The time between delivery of your shower pod sections and their installation can be literally only a few minutes. Let our factory take the risks of theft and damage.

Smaller Snag List

Bathrooms and showers make up a huge proportion of snagging problems and warranty call-outs. By installing shower pods from Advanced Showers, an architect or project manager is assured of far fewer issues because there will be no problems with leaking showers. It’s pretty simple logic.

Reduced Warranty Costs

Any project planner will instantly appreciate the value of an element that means cheaper after-sales care costs. That results in greater efficiency and possibly more competitive bidding for projects. Winning projects can hinge on tiny differences that result in even as little as 0.5% savings compared with the nearest competitor.

Simplified Procurement

A project manager can amalgamate purchases of material for shower cubicles, scheduling labour, and quality assurance into one single and simple order for shower pods. That encompasses all that is required to deliver the highest quality shower unit for the client, with the assurance that there will be no snags or call-backs.

Take Advantage Today 

Find out more about our shower pods and how they can greatly benefit any housing development or commercial refit. Download our free eBook The Shower Pods Guide and find out more about these versatile units that minimise project risk, reduce labour costs and deliver a long and maintenance free life for the end user.

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