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5 Super Shower Pod Features That Will Change Your Mind!

Posted by Michael Kiernan

5 Super Shower Pod Features That Will Change Your Mind

Shower pods are not a new innovation but they have been slow to enter into the housing development market. By contrast, applications such as hotels, university halls of residence and so on have been enjoying their benefits for over 20 years. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight their value for volume domestic property construction projects. They are a proven and viable low-maintenance alternative that you should at least consider for you next project.

1. Cheaper Installation Cost

From the time your shower pod is delivered on-site from our Coventry factory, it is just a matter of hours for a single tradesperson to install it. They come in two, three or four horizontal sections that are highly manoeuvrable and click together for easy assembly. Installation is straightforward and fast.

That saves a considerable sum on labour costs compared with building tile and tray shower cubicles. It also reduces the project management overhead that comes with managing multiple trades and compensating for no-shows and the inevitable knock-on effect. There is also no need for materials control and shower issues should never appear on snag lists.

2. Totally Leakproof

Shower leaks are a thing of the past when you install shower pods. The reason is that there are no joints through which water can escape. The horizontal sections interlock using pressure gaskets with absolutely no need for grout or mastic. The floor is integrated into the wall so there are no joints there and no shower tray to crack and need expensive replacement.

Not only does this ensure lower maintenance costs but it is an added selling feature for prospective house buyers. Shower leaks can be an absolute nightmare, with consequential damage to walls, ceilings and flooring timbers. Shower pods delete all those risks in one fell swoop.

3. No Maintenance

Mainly for the reason that our shower pods are totally leakproof, maintenance is a thing of the past. They carry a lifelong manufacturer’s guarantee, which means fewer customer support issues and zero product recalls.

Homeowners will also appreciate the fact that black mould on grout will never be a problem. Neither will leaks caused by cracked or missing grout or silicone sealant in a few years time. They really are a ‘fit and forget’ choice that nobody ever regrets installing.

4. Lifelong High Gloss Finish

Made from durable reinforced polymer (GRP) material that has a lifespan of 60 years, the attractive high gloss finish never wears out no matter how much use it gets. Advanced Showers pods are tough and built to withstand heavy usage that will not fade the colour, the finish or the performance.

5. Range of Sizes & Looks

The range of models is designed to suit a wide spectrum of applications, from the mainly functional to the truly luxurious. Sizes vary from standard cubicles to extra large that give additional upmarket appeal. Larger models also offer the housebuilder options to add extras such as integral lighting or a seat, for example.

Our shower pods offer three basic floor shapes: square, pentagonal or quadrant. That means they suit most corner spaces or alcoves. Screens, doors and framework can vary by budget and by the effect that the designer wants to impart. See our top end corner model and large alcove units.

Take the next step

Find out more about our range of shower pods and the benefits they can bring to your next project. Download our Advanced Showers Home Builders eBook and add this option to your future design choices.

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