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4 Top Tips On Choosing The Right Shower Cubicle

Posted by Kevin Taylor

Top Tips On Choosing The Right Shower Cubicle

There are many shower cubicles to choose from, so how do you know that you're making the right choice? Here are some things that you should consider to help you make the right choice of shower cubicle for you.Download Brochure

1. Ideal Shape

This will depend on the layout of the room you're working with, as well as your preference. Do you prefer the look of corner shower pods, for example, or do you favour one that is installed into an alcove?

2. Pod Vs Tile & Tray

A traditional tile and tray shower can be assembled in your bathroom from many components, which is time-consuming and involves grout which needs regularly replacing. A shower pod is composed of lightweight fibreglass sections that are assembled together with ease, and due to the materials they’re made from, they do not require on-going maintenance. A self-contained shower pod will be much less likely to develop leaks over time, too – which will save you a small fortune over the years in damp and mould-related problems.

3. What Causes Leaks?

Another thing to consider when choosing your shower installation is what causes leaks in the first place. Poor quality installation and sheer age/lack of maintenance are some of the most common reasons for a shower to start leaking – but most of the problem comes down to the simple fact that tile and tray showers leak by design. Water wears down grouting between tiles and eventually works its way out of the shower area, and these showers are not completely watertight, either. Remember that you will need to have tiles replaced regularly if you go for a traditional shower enclosure – this is the bare level of maintenance required, and is not a guarantee of leak prevention, either.

4. Do You Need A Bath?

A key consideration is whether or not you need a bathtub - families with smaller children may require a bath, as may those who prefer to take baths over showers. If this is the case, you might want to invest in a combined tub/shower fixture arrangement. Some compromise may be required in design choices, but you get both worlds. We are also living longer and the issues of stepping into and out of a bath can cause problems for some, a shower pod can be an excellent alternative to a bath tub with seats and grab rails easily installed.

Your Prime Consideration - Quality

There are many variations in shower and bathroom fixture choices available but whatever you choose, you need to remember that it's essential you buy the very best quality you can afford. A wise investment in higher quality manufacturing means it's far less likely you will encounter any issues over time. Spend well, and spend once - if you do that, you won't have to consider your shower arrangement again for a decade or two.

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Image source: Unsplash

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