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How A Leaking Shower Cubicle Can Cause Mould And What Damage It Can Do

Posted by Kevin Taylor

A home that has obvious signs of water damage from a leaking shower cubicle that is causing black mould to grow.

A leaking shower is a common but potentially serious problem in many homes. As well as posing a risk to floor boards, tiles, and soft furnishings, the warm and humid conditions caused by shower leaks creates an ideal environment for mould to grow. 

Left unchecked, the excessive moisture it causes can lead to extensive mould issues and structural water damage from the leaking shower.


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What Causes Black Mould In Shower Tiles?

When water seeps from a shower into crevices, cracks in the grouting, and wall cavities, it provides the perfect conditions for mould spores to take root and thrive. Mould spores are always present in the air we breathe, just waiting for moisture to multiply. The porous materials in your home's walls readily absorb the excess water from a leaking shower. This allows any mould spores present to activate, spread, and rapidly multiply into colonies.

Once mould growth has started, the colonies can very quickly expand beyond the shower area. Mould can spread to walls, ceilings, and adjacent rooms as it follows the available moisture, creating a widespread and deep-rooted problem that is difficult to treat. A persistently leaking shower also provides an ongoing food source for mould to flourish throughout a home.

The Extent Of Potential Mould Damage

If left unchecked, mould growth fuelled by a leaking shower can cause extensive issues for you and your family. As mould penetrates and feeds on the materials used in your walls, it causes structural damage to the paintwork, plaster, and even the underlying wall. Mould also poses serious health risks, especially for those with respiratory conditions like asthma. The spores that a mould colony releases into the air can trigger strong allergic reactions, breathing difficulties, and other problems, and sleeping in a mould-infested room is also known to reduce sleep quality. Children and older people may be even more susceptible to issues from high mould exposure.

In addition to damaged surfaces, persistent moisture build-up from a leaking shower cubicle can damage the integrity of the building. Prolonged dampness erodes brickwork and corrodes metal structural elements. Concrete block walls and plasterboard linings also become deteriorated from excess moisture, so it's essential to fix water damage from a leaking shower as soon as possible.

How To Spot A Leaking Shower

To completely avoid the issues wet walls can cause, it's critical to identify and fix any leaks immediately. Check for signs of potential leaks around your shower, including:

  • Cracked or missing grout

  • Gaps or mould on silicone seals

  • Loose or damaged shower wall tiles

  • Discolouration or moisture on walls/ceiling below the shower

  • Musty or dank smell from the shower area

Even small leaks that allow moisture to penetrate walls can be problematic, so don't wait until you can see major water damage before taking action. Addressing minor leaks quickly can prevent the expansion of leaking shower wall damage and expensive mould problems.

Solutions For Leaking Showers

If you discover leaks in your shower's seals, tiles, or plumbing, act immediately. For minor seal or grout issues, some DIY re-sealing/re-grouting may fix the problem. Make sure all surfaces are fully dry before applying new materials.

For more severe leakage or water damage, it's wise to call in a professional shower repair service. They will have the expertise to correctly identify the source of the leak and repair it fully so mould is no longer fed by moisture getting into the walls.

Next Steps

To avoid leaks altogether, consider installing a leak-proof shower unit. Prefabricated shower cubicles or pods help prevent what causes black mould in shower situations by keeping all water completely contained within the shower walls. Made of solid surfaces or composites instead of tile, these units won't allow leaks through damaged grout lines or cracked tiles either, thus their waterproof designs make mould growth far less likely.

If you're concerned your shower is leaking and causing mould or damage, Advanced Showers can help. We manufacture and install completely waterproof, leak-free shower pods for homes, hotels, dorms, and other residential settings.

Contact Advanced Showers today for expert advice on the best shower options for your space!

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