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Why Do So Many Bathrooms Grow Mould?

Posted by Kevin Taylor


Picture this. You’re taking a shower in your bathroom and enjoying a nice, peaceful time to yourself. Your eyes start scanning the bathroom around you when you notice something on the ceiling. You focus your eyes a bit more to make out what it is. Mould! Chances are you’ve spotted mould in a bathroom before, but have you ever wondered why so many bathrooms grow mould and what you can do about it? Keep reading on to find out more.

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Poor Design For Ventilation

Mould thrives in environments that don’t have adequate ventilation. Household rooms such as bathrooms can become hotspots for mould to grow when they have wet areas to feed on. Since bathrooms are moist due to the frequent use of basins, showers, and baths, if the moisture sticks around in the bathroom with no air circulation, this makes for a strong breeding ground for mould to grow and take over.

Typical signs of having poor ventilation in your bathroom can include your windows having a frosted look to them. Another sign of poor ventilation is the appearance of rust on metal pipes. Poor ventilation can lead to your bathroom being humid, causing condensation to build up on the metal pipes. This usually results in rusting, which is a tell-tale sign of poor ventilation.

Poorly Designed Showers

While mould can grow in your bathroom due to poor ventilation, it can also grow as a result of poorly designed showers that leak. If you’ve noticed mould growing in your bathroom or paint peeling off the wall, you may have a shower leak that needs fixing.

So What’s The Solution?

If you’re ready to wave the mould in your bathroom goodbye, there are steps you can take to make sure it goes away and never comes back.

A good way to increase ventilation in your bathroom to prevent mould growth is by rethinking your window placement and investing in better extraction fans – this is something that you might want to consult an architect for. You also want to make sure you always leave your door or shower curtain open after showering.

You can also invest in shower pods from Advanced Showers. Shower pods are super easy to clean as they contain no grout or mastic joints. Traditional showers tend to attract black mould given their grout but, with shower pods, you only have a high gloss finish to worry about.

Get Rid of Black Mould Today

If you’re ready to tackle the issue of black mould in your bathroom, follow these simple steps to make your bathroom clean, well-equipped and properly ventilated. Visit our website today to find out more about how our watertight shower pods can help with your mould problem!

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