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How to Prevent Leaks in Your Shower Cubicles

Posted by Michael Kiernan

How to Prevent Leaks in Your Shower Cubicles

Leaking showers are a common problem within residential and commercial properties, and the consequences can be serious. Not only can leaks cause unsightly discolouration to fittings and accelerate the growth of mould in difficult-to-reach places, but long-term damage to floors and walls is also likely, particularly if a leak goes unnoticed for a lengthy period. Water has a habit of finding a way through even the smallest of gaps, so it’s entirely possible that a leak could persist for a long time before obvious symptoms become apparent.

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The Problem Of Tile And Tray Showers

For showers to work effectively, they need to be completely waterproof. Traditionally, tile and tray showers have been the first choice for homes and businesses. In fact, many bathroom showrooms and DIY stores continue to promote these types of showers despite their tendency to spring unexpected leaks.

The Problem Of Tile And Tray Showers Is Threefold:

1) Many people assume that ceramic or stone tiles are waterproof but, in fact, they are not. Over time moisture can penetrate even the hardest of tiles, even if they are in original showroom condition. Internal walls onto which tiles are attached are often not moisture resistant boards, so gradually dampness is absorbed by the plaster, causing it to soften and leading to the dislodging or loosening of tiles.

2) Shower trays require sealing in with an acrylic seal, but these are notorious for their inefficiency. Seals become discoloured over time, creating an unsightly appearance, and require regular renewal to maintain their effectiveness as a water barrier. Removing old seals is a time-consuming and unforgiving task.

3) Tile and tray showers require accessories that can also contribute to leaks. Many trays are fitted with adjustable legs to achieve the correct height, but these are renowned for becoming loose and dislodging, causing the tray to tilt and the acrylic seals to break. Shower doors must be fitted precisely after the tray is sealed in, but gaps can appear which can provide water with an escape route out of the cubicle.

In short, even with the most careful, professional fitting of a tile and tray shower leaks can occur. So, is there a viable alternative that guarantees to be leak-proof, as well as offering a wealth of other benefits?

Shower Pods From Advanced Showers For A Leak-proof Experience

At Advanced Showers, our dynamic and eye-catching shower pods are guaranteed to be leak-proof, without compromising on appearance, ease of installation, or cost. Constructed from durable GRP, our shower pods are rapidly assembled like a jigsaw in large sections, eliminating the need for tiles, grout, and acrylic. By snugly fitting together with neoprene gaskets, the shower pods create a seal that is impermeable to water, so it is simply impossible for a leak to occur.

With a glass-reinforced polymer finish, the walls and floor of the shower pods are sleek, effortlessly easy to clean, and completely resistant to water, creating a stylish look that won’t date, while also combining durability with functionality. Shower pods from Advanced Showers are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit all bathrooms, so get in touch to discuss your needs with one of our experts.

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