Portable Shower Pods For Worksites: The Ideal Shower Solution For Construction, Festivals & Other Temporary Events

Posted by Kevin Taylor

Outdoor shower to show how pods are ideal solution for worksites.

Shower pods are an increasingly common fixture of bath and shower rooms in university halls of residence, private student accommodation, rental flats, individual homes, hotels, leisure centres, and even offices. What is less well known is that shower pods also make ideal portable wash facilities for worksites, festivals, and other temporary events.

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Portable shower pods give contractors and events businesses access to stand-alone, mobile units that offer users a fully functional, and enjoyable shower experience in environments where traditional showers may not be available or practical. Shower pods are extremely easy to transport and set up – just unscrew the unit and move it in a matter of minutes – making them perfect for short-term use on temporary sites.

Our shower pods come in various configurations, from single pods to multi-pod setups, and our experienced design team can work with you to accommodate whatever facilities you have available, placing them around any additional features on site, such as toilets or changing rooms. Depending on your requirements, our shower pod models are available fully enclosed (DX) or open-topped (DXT) and are supplied in three modular sections for rapid assembly.

Each pod is made of durable GRP and designed to withstand the rigours of frequent transport and use between sites and can even be used for outdoor applications. Individual shower pods can be fitted with additional lighting, extractor fans, grab rails and other features as required, and are available with leg packs, access panels, waste traps, and other optional accessories.

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For more information about how our shower pods can be used within modular buildings and temporary applications, please get in touch with one of our experienced team today, or click here to download a free copy of our Shower Pods Guide.

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