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Shower Pod Vs Tile & Tray Shower Cubicle: Comparing Lifetime Maintenance And Upkeep Costs

Posted by Kevin Taylor

A shower head being cleaned for limescale to show the maintenance and upkeep costs for shower pods and tile and tray shower cubicles

As a private residential landlord, balancing lifetime maintenance costs with providing a high-quality service for your tenants can be a delicate dance. Money and time spent on repairs, renovations, and fixing issues will reduce your lifetime return on investment, so it makes sense to look at ways in which you can maximise quality while also minimising the issues faced by your tenants.

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Unfortunately, plumbing problems, leaks, and shower repairs are some of the most common issues that landlords are called upon to fix and can also be some of the most expensive. In this article, we will compare traditional tile and tray shower cubicles with leakproof shower pods in terms of their lifetime maintenance and upkeep costs – demonstrating why a growing roster of British landlords are upgrading to shower pods across their residential properties.

Tile And Tray Showers

Tile and tray shower cubicles are the mainstays of private rented bathrooms across the UK. They are fairly durable, easy enough to install, and can be customised to the space and style requirements of each property. However, a typical tile and tray shower will only last 5 to 10 years before it needs a full renovation, and as the shower cubicles typically require grout and mastic to be used between the tiles, are a source of regular maintenance and upkeep issues. Over time, grout deteriorates, cracks, and become discoloured. Tenants will also often neglect to clean the grout and mastic – especially if they are not aware that they have to – forcing landlords to continuously monitor and re-grout the shower cubicles between rental periods, which can become a costly and time-consuming task, especially in high turnover properties.

Furthermore, if the cubicle isn’t cleaned adequately or regularly, it can cause significant wear and tear to the tiles themselves, meaning that you’ll have to replace them sooner rather than later. Even if your tenants are meticulous in cleaning and maintaining their shower cubicles, tile and tray showers are still prone to a wide range of common repair problems, including leaks springing from failed sealant or grouting, broken tiles, damp in the walls, and mould buildup. Any one of these issues could lead to you being called in for maintenance and repair, increasing the lifetime cost of your property.

Shower Pods

In comparison to tile and tray showers, shower pods are relatively new to the residential rental market, with a sleek and modern design that emphasises on hygiene and minimal upkeep. Shower pods typically do not require any tiling or surrounding grouting and are made from a sturdy and hygienic fibreglass material. This makes shower pods easier and quicker to clean for tenants, saving residents and landlords alike a significant amount of time and money on maintenance.

Modern shower pods also have an impressive lifespan of around 20 years, which is significantly longer than most tile and tray shower cubicles, and while shower pods can be more expensive to purchase, the savings that come from lower lifetime maintenance costs usually make this worthwhile. The only maintenance required is to keep the pod clean, which is simple and straightforward for tenants to do using shop-bought products.

In terms of common repair issues, shower pods also have fewer risks and weak points than tile and tray shower cubicles. With fewer points of failure and an essentially leak-proof design, there are less opportunities for water and damp to seep into the surrounding floorboards, structure, and fittings – costing less to maintain over time. Shower pods also retain their hygienic and modern appearance for longer than traditional shower cubicles, making them more straightforward to spruce up between rental periods, and presenting an attractive and appealing bathroom environment for prospective new tenants.

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