Housebuilders How Much Time And Money Do You Have To Spend Fixing Leaking Showers In The First 2 Years Of A New Build Home?

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Housebuilder having to spend time and money on fixing leaking showers in a new build home

The Buildmark Scheme is a warranty and insurance initiative provided by the National House Building Council (NHBC) in the UK, giving protection to homeowners against certain defects that may arise within the first 10 years of purchasing a new build property, including a builder warranty valid for two years after legal completion.

Under the scheme, the housebuilder is responsible for rectifying structural issues arising in the property for the first two years of the policy. From a builder’s perspective, therefore, it makes sense to optimise each new build home for quality, reliability, and low maintenance over the first few years. 

The Buildmark Scheme covers a wide range of potential defects, including structural issues, plumbing and heating problems, electrical wiring, and more, and one of the most frequent issues experienced by homeowners during the first two years of a new build is leaking showers. Not only can this be an extremely frustrating problem for residents to deal with, but it can also be costly for housebuilders to assess and fix under the Buildmark Scheme, and it can also damage your reputation as a reliable house building contractor.

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What Causes Showers To Leak In New Builds?

Newly built homes are generally trouble-free in terms of structural maintenance and repairs. However, one of the main causes of leaking showers in new homes is the inadequate design and installation of the shower cubicle area. This doesn’t imply an issue with quality or workmanship, but simply recognises that standard showers that are tiled or equipped with an external tray can be hard to install correctly in the available space, and issues such as pooling water, improperly sealed grout, and degraded silicone can lead to leaks occurring within the crucial two-year period. Coming in to fix a leaking shower can be time-consuming and expensive for housebuilders, and depending on the severity of the leak, it can also cause secondary damage to the structural integrity of the building, as well as the plasterwork and floorboards. In some cases, a severe leak could require sealing from below, a new floor, or a complete refit of the affected area.

Reduce Your Risk And Repair Costs With Leakproof Shower Pods

Installing leak-proof shower pods in your new build properties can avoid the hassle and cost of coming back to fix leaky showers under the Buildmark Scheme. Shower pods are quicker and safer to install compared to traditional shower designs, while significantly reducing the possibility of leaks. Shower pods are constructed of three parts that can be fitted together quickly and easily on site, with a watertight join between modules that requires no grouting or sealing. This removes the traditional weak spots of tile and tray showers that allow water to seep through and damage the surrounding property.

What Next?

Get in touch with Advanced Showers today to find out how our modern shower pods can help save you time and money in construction, and reduce ongoing costs arising from repairs post-handover. By transitioning to leak-proof shower pods in your new build properties, you’ll have to deal with fewer claims for water damage or leaks, and your customers will be more satisfied with the quality of the new homes they have purchased. Please call 01483 532020 today to find out more.

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