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3 Ways To Save Money On Your Water Bills In The Shower Room

Posted by Michael Kiernan


With climate change impacting global communities, particularly the frequent occurrence of long, dry
summers, the requirement for us all to behave in a more responsible way has become apparent. At
home, there’s more need than ever to actively save water, with the reward not simply helping to
protect the environment, but lower bills too.

The Home Builder's Guide to Shower Pods

One of the starting places for a more conservative use of water is in the shower room. With most
households now having water meters, any reduction in water consumption will bring financial
benefits. So, what steps can you take to reduce your use of water?

1) Upgrade To Leak-Proof Shower Pods

Leaks can be costly, particularly if they go unnoticed, not only because you’ll be using more water
than necessary, but also due to the knock-on cost of repairs to your property and furnishings. A
modern shower pod from Advanced Showers eliminates the problem of leaks, as the modular design
simply bolts together to form a watertight seal than cannot be breached. Guaranteed to be leak-
proof, shower pods reduce other costs, such as the maintenance of grout and acrylic seals, offering a
low-cost solution in the long-term that will slash your costs in many areas.
With the water kept inside the pod (forget the days of ineffectual shower curtains that do little to
stop water from splashing all over the bathroom), you can be confident that you’re using only the
water that is necessary.

2) Use A Water Saving Shower Head

A pleasant showering experience doesn’t always need water to be pumped out at high velocity! A
water-saving shower head is a highly efficient accessory that will reduce your water consumption
without compromising the quality of your shower. By regulating or aerating the flow of water, a
water-saving shower head will reduce consumption by as much as 50%. If you have a combi boiler in
your home, you may find that water is heated more efficiently too, as this type of boiler is often
unable to heat water properly if the flow is too high.

3) Sustainable Water Use

Wasteful habits are one of the main reasons why water is used to excess in the home. For example,
turning on the shower to ‘warm up the water’ and letting it run for several minutes is a common, yet
unnecessary, habit, as modern boilers deliver virtually instant hot water to the bathroom. Similarly,
while showers are known to be less heavy on water consumption than baths, there is a considerable
difference between long and short showers.

The longer you shower, the more water you use, and the higher your bill. Some eco-showers have a
‘grey water’ recycling feature that, after the first X litres of mains water are used, recycles the
currently used water again in a continuous loop, before draining the water way when the shower is
switched off. This puts an upper limit on the volume of water used per shower session, regardless of
how long users stay under the hose.

For Water-Efficient Shower Pods, Contact Advanced Showers Today

At Advanced Showers, we supply modern, hygienic shower pods in a range of sizes and styles.
Offering a watertight solution to showering, without the need for acrylic seals, tiles, and grout, our

pods will help you to reduce water consumption, without compromising on quality. To find out
more, simply download our free Shower Pod Guide, or get in touch for more information.

Home Builder's Guide To Shower Pods

Image Source: Pixabay

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