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Why Are Our Shower Cubicles So Easy to Keep Clean?

Posted by Kevin Taylor

A shower cubicle that has just been cleaned by an owner who found it easy.

Cleaning and maintaining a tile and tray shower can quickly become a tedious chore. Over time, grout attracts dirt and soap scum, while cracks and missing tiles create the perfect environment for mould and mildew to thrive. Hard-to-reach corners inevitably collect grime no matter how thorough your attempt at cleaning a shower cubicle. Does this sound familiar?

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At Advanced Showers, we offer an innovative solution to simplify your shower cleaning routine. Our innovative shower pods feature a leak-proof sectional design that prevents many of the headaches associated with cleaning and maintaining traditional tile and tray showers. Here's why our easy-clean shower cubicle designs are so easy to keep pristine.

Hygienic Design Prevents Grime Buildup

Our shower pods eliminate the need for grout lines or tiles. Instead, each pod is constructed from fibreglass sections that assemble together with our factory fitted gasket creating a leakproof seal.

You'll never have to scrub or pressure wash stubborn buildup from grout lines or re-caulk missing tiles. The tightly engineered, sectional design also prevents leaks, unlike tile showers where water can seep behind tiles. Spend less time cleaning a shower cubicle and more time enjoying your shower with our innovative pods.

Non-porous Materials Resist Mould And Mildew

Traditional tiles and grout provide the perfect breeding ground for mould, mildew, and bacteria. Since our shower pods are constructed using durable, non-porous fibreglass, they have a glossy surface that simply does not absorb water or residue.

Without anywhere for soap scum and minerals to gain a foothold, mould and mildew cannot take root. Bidding farewell to the battle against recurring mould and mildew growth alone makes our shower pods worthwhile.

Compact Design Reduces Cleaning Time

Preventing mould and grime buildup is only half the battle. You also want to make quick work of regular shower cleaning chores. Our shower pods' streamlined, compact footprint minimises the surface area you need to scrub.

With a fraction of the real estate to wipe down compared to a full tile surround, cleaning shower glass doors and scrubbing the walls takes half the time. The quicker and more efficient your cleaning routine, the more likely you'll stick to it. Our pods make it easy and quick to maintain a sparkling clean shower cubicle.

No Corners Or Crevices To Trap Grime

Even the most diligent scrubbing cannot penetrate hard-to-reach corners and crevices where grime inevitably collects. Our shower pods eliminate this cleaning headache with a smooth and continuous design devoid of corners and angles where residues could build up. With no obscured nooks for dirt, soap scum or mould to hide, you can rest assured that your entire shower cubicle stays pristine with minimal effort.

Long-lasting Finish Stays Looking New

Not only are our shower pods designed for easy cleaning, but their durable finish ensures they stay looking like new for years to come. The high-gloss fibreglass surface resists scratches and does not show wear easily. You'll never have to contend with replacing worn grout or cracked tiles. Each pod retains its smooth, shiny, just-installed appearance for life.

Experience The Ease For Yourself

If you're tired of the constant battle against mould, mildew, and grime buildup in your tile shower, it's time to consider a better solution…

Contact Advanced Showers today to learn more about our innovative easy-clean shower cubicles that make cleaning a breeze. We offer various sizes and designs to fit any space, each featuring durable, leakproof construction and a mould-resistant design. Please get in touch for pricing and sizing recommendations for your next project.

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