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Should I Let Warm Air Circulate During A Heatwave

Posted by Kevin Taylor

Should I Let Warm Air Circulate My Shower During A Heatwave

With the increasing threat posed by climate change, heat waves on the scale of 2022 are becoming more likely. While 40°C heatwaves are expected to occur once every three years on average, if carbon emissions are not suppressed, periods of hot weather in which extreme temperatures are reached will also become more common as the UK experiences a climate more befitting of the Mediterranean.

While the inclination might be to lock up your home and invest in portable air conditioning units, there are persuasive reasons for allowing controlled warm air circulation which, in this article, we’ll explore.

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Embracing Warm Air Circulation


Warm air circulation is a strategy in which windows and doors are opened to allow fresh air from outdoors to flow through your living space. Fans may also be used to direct warm air in a given direction. While it might seem counterproductive during a heatwave, this practice can have several benefits:


  • Enhanced ventilation: Allowing warm air to circulate through the home promotes better ventilation, helping to expel stagnant indoor air and introduce fresh air from outside. This exchange of air can help to maintain a healthier indoor environment.
  • Reduced humidity: Circulating air helps to reduce humidity levels inside your home. High humidity can make even simple everyday tasks uncomfortable and allow the growth of mould and mildew, which is unsightly and potentially dangerous to human health.
  • Energy efficiency: Opening windows strategically during cooler parts of the day, such as early morning and evening, can help to reduce reliance on air conditioning, resulting in energy savings.


Eradicating Mould And Condensation


Warm air circulation plays a pivotal role in preventing condensation and mould. During a heatwave, condensation can form on cool surfaces, providing a prime environment for mould growth. Some rooms, such as bathrooms, are also prone to mould due to the high levels of humidity from showering and bathing.


Allowing warm air to circulate helps to maintain a more consistent temperature throughout the property, reducing condensation on walls, windows, and other surfaces.


How Leakproof Shower Pods Can Transform Your Bathroom


While warm air circulation can be beneficial, it's not a standalone solution to mould prevention, especially in areas that are susceptible to dampness, such as bathrooms. Moisture from showers contributes to mould growth, particularly if they have tiny, unseen leaks, so it’s far easier to address the problem at its source.


Leakproof shower pods offer a superior solution for preventing mould. These innovative self-contained enclosures are specifically designed to create a watertight barrier, minimising the risk of leaks that can lead to mould growth in hidden spaces behind and underneath the shower. Unlike traditional showers, in which grout and seals crack and degrade over time, leakproof shower pods ensure that water remains contained within the designated area, with no opportunity for it to escape.


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