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5 Advantages Of Using Pre-Fab Shower Pods For Building Contractors

Posted by Michael Kiernan

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Are you a building contractor? Do you need to outfit multiple bathrooms with showers quickly, cheaply, and with a minimum of fuss? If so, shower pods could be the ideal answer. Designed and made to custom specs off-site and then reassembled on-build, pods can be installed in new build or renovated properties in a matter of hours. Here are five reasons why they’re a great choice for any building contractor to use.

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1) Reduced Costs

Rather than adding expensive, hard-wall modifications to remodel bathrooms, glass and plastic shower pods create a standalone enclosure that functions as a semi-enclosed mini-room. Pods save money, time, parts, and effort. Bulk pod orders also help trim costs for larger new build projects. Shower pod flatpacks can be manufactured at a reduced price compared to off-the-shelf or bespoke items, allowing you to pass on savings to your clients.

2) Reliable Designs

If you’re going to be outfitting a lot of rented, near-identical flats or divisions, you’ll need a guarantee of uniform measurements and build quality. Pods are a reliable way to standardise your interiors, saving you expensive hold-ups and awkward fits.

3) Low Maintenance Requirements

Shower pods are designed with an ‘install and forget’ creed in mind, allowing you to provide a better quality build. Waste traps, easy-clean panelling, removable units, and hard-wearing surfaces all reduce maintenance costs by extending each pods’ working lifespan – a key consideration if you’re building accommodation for the rental market.

4) Shorter Lead Times

Shower pods can be manufactured, pre-assembled, and shipped faster than other bathroom fittings. Once you and your client know what you want from your pods, your order can be turned around in a matter of weeks. Each pod is fast to assemble and install once on-site, usually under a day per module. They’re simple to put together, too - no specialist training or qualifications are required.

5) Adaptability To Older Builds

Shower pods have a small footprint and moveable, adjustable legs, and base plates. They’re ideal for fitting into strange and unusually shaped spaces. If you’re renovating an older property, or converting a former industrial building into flats, fitting pods to alcoves, cuttings, and holes can get the most out of your space.

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