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Do I Need a Shower Pod?

Posted by Kevin Taylor

Are you thinking of replacing those dingy, dark, damp showers?

Instead of choosing another old-fashioned tile-and-tray shower, with their leaks, mould, and constant need for maintenance and regrouting, why not consider a new Advanced Showers shower pod?

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Our shower pods are made of lightweight materials that fit together perfectly, so they are impossible to leak. Furthermore, because they're made of fibreglass, they don't go mouldy and they'll never crumble, so you'll never have to replace any parts or fork out money over the years for touch-ups.

Our shower pod installation team can quickly and easily set up a number of shower pods in your hotel, student accommodation, hospital, and countless other commercial areas.

You'll save money on setup, money on maintenance, and money on replacements.

It really couldn't be simpler!


Do I need a shower pod infographic

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