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Tall Generation! Additional Height Shower Pods Are Here!

Posted by Kevin Taylor


…and it’s about time! If you have to duck down to get your hair wet or have to perform an awkward juggling act with the shampoo and showerhead to get clean, long-overdue help is at hand. Read on to find out how Advanced Showers are helping to change one of society’s hidden problems.

The Home Builder's Guide to Shower Pods

The Problem Of Indirect Discrimination

There are plenty of ways of describing it: heightism, discrimination, and unconscious microaggressions; but they all mean something that is all too familiar for the 14.5% of the population who are above average height. Indirect discrimination refers to the fact that most things in our lives are designed for an average sized Caucasian male, leaving people who are tall having to squeeze into cars, struggling to find clothes that fit, and running the gauntlet of avoiding hitting our heads on doorframes. More than 130,000 research articles have explored the phenomenon, but to date the only solution available is to adapt as much as possible.

Numbers Based On Myth

There’s no real reason that the shower controls need to be placed between 102 and 127 cm, nor that the shower head must be located at 203 cm. These numbers are considered to be an average safe zone that prevents us getting burned if the regulator switch flips – a common problem in older showers – but if you’re above average height, these standard settings become immediately obsolete, meaning that taller people are actually more likely to experience a scald. This numeric mythology has dictated the shower experiences of people around the world for decades, a stark reminder of the power of generalised standards.

People Are Getting Taller

Everyone recognises that tallness has a strong genetic tendency, but those of us who are tall have most likely also had a significant nutritional boost. This is because the amount of protein, minerals, and vitamins A and D that we are exposed to in childhood is known to have an important influence on adult height. The result of enhanced nutrition is seen in health surveys, which consistently show that global populations are getting taller. As such, indirect height discrimination is becoming ever more prevalent.

An Advanced Solution

At Advanced Showers, we believe that everyone deserves the best shower experience. That’s why we have developed a range of options that are designed for our tall generation, and our even taller children. Pods are a versatile, stylish solution that can be adapted for any bathroom space, and which are available in a range of height options. Choices include quadrant, rectangular, and square shower pods, with several different space-saving door designs. Quick to install and easy to maintain, shower pods might offer the ideal personalised shower solution for taller people.

What Next?

If you’re one of the millions who don’t suit standard measurements, a taller shower might be for you. If you want to explore the different height options available, get in touch today.

Home Builder's Guide To Shower Pods

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Home Builder's Guide To Shower Pods
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