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How Shower Pods Can Improve Bathroom Safety For Older Adults

Posted by Kevin Taylor


For elderly care home residents and in-patients in hospitals, who are at risk of falls, a shower poses considerable dangers. With over one-third of over-65s experiencing at least one fall per year, the risk of falls is high due to a deficiency in balance, strength, and mobility. Complications can be severe: a weakening skeletal system can result in fractures and breaks, the recovery time for which is longer than for younger people, while a loss of confidence can be devastating in terms of an older adult’s independence.

Get Your Free 30 Min Consultation!Therefore, removing dangers from bathrooms is crucial to reduce the chance of a fall, with shower pods from Advanced Showers a cost-efficient way to improve safety when showering.

How Shower Pods Could Improve Bathroom Safety For Care Home And Hospital Residents

Traditionally, showers for the elderly have been of the tile and tray variety, with an enclosure featuring sliding or opening doors. As well as being prone to leaks, these showers are more challenging for an older person to use, as restricted space makes the use of shower aids more difficult.

In contrast, modern ergonomic shower pods offer a safe, spacious, and reliable alternative, for several reasons:

Easy Access

Our shower pods are available in various sizes, including the spacious 1250mm and 900mm models, for maximum ease of access and maneuverability. Available in square, pentangle, or quadrant shapes, shower pods feature sliding or outward-opening doors, offering sufficient space for the use of shower aids such as folding seats and chairs.


With ample room in which to move around during a shower, Advanced Showers’ modern pods eliminate the problem of constricted space that could cause an older adult to fall. Adaptations, such as grab handles, which improve user safety, can be easily added once the pod is installed.

With an anti-slip floor, elderly care home residents or hospital patients can be reassured that a fall is less likely compared to stepping out of a raised bath. The low threshold means users needn’t step high when entering or leaving the shower pod, another essential measure to prevent accidents.

Low-Maintenance And Reliable

As a care home or hospital manager, patient safety is essential. Constructed from durable GRP, shower pods are incredibly resistant to wear and require virtually no ongoing maintenance, meaning elderly users are unlikely to sustain an injury as a result. Your cleaning staff will also be delighted by how easy and quick the pods are to clean, requiring little more than a wipe over. With mould unable to accumulate (unlike traditional tile and tray cubicles), the elderly will not be exposed to potentially harmful spores.

Does Your Care Home Or Hospital Need Modern, Safe Showering Facilities For The Elderly?

At Advanced Showers, we stock an extensive range of ergonomic shower pods for care homes and hospitals. For more information, please download our free Shower Pods Guide.

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