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How To Make Your Shower Pod Easily Accessible To Limited Mobility Users

Posted by Michael Kiernan

How To Make Your Shower Pod Easily Accessible To Limited Mobility Users

Shower pods are great solutions for any number of businesses. However, it's important to make sure that they are accessible for users with limited mobility. To ensure everyone is safe and comfortable using a pod shower, businesses should provide a specific accessible space. How can you do that? It's easy.

Just follow the simple advice explained below.

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Choosing The Right Shower Pod For Limited Mobility Users

First of all, when providing services for limited mobility users, it's a good idea to choose a purpose-built shower pod. Bathtubs present several problems and can be difficult and uncomfortable to use. However, an Advanced Showers cubicle can offer users the safety and comfort they deserve.

Advanced Showers can provide shower cubicles to suit a variety of needs. In this case, space is critical. Users with limited mobility generally require more room than other users. For this reason, we have many options to suit all bathroom styles.

A disabled shower pod can be installed just as quickly and easily as any other kind. Ensure that the surrounding area is suitable and accessible. One of the benefits of using shower pods from Advanced Showers is the leak-proof seal, which will help keep the floor dry. This is particularly important when providing facilities for limited mobility users.

Extra Features To Enhance Shower Pod Safety

Of course, every user is different, and disabilities vary enormously. However, there are a few standard elements that can be installed that will help a large number of people with limited mobility.

One of the most basic features to be used in an accessible shower pod is a grab rail. This allows users to feel supported as they raise or lower themselves in and out of the cubicle. As well as a sturdy rail, a seat is a beneficial feature. Not everybody can stand unaided for long periods, particularly in a wet shower environment. A simple seat allows users to shower in comfort.

Other features are also available. Some users may have vision problems. It's important to provide suitable lighting for an accessible shower cubicle. Fans can also offer support, lending comfort to users. All of these features can be integrated into your chosen cubicle at Advanced Showers.

Accessible Shower Pods: A Quick And Simple Solution

An accessible shower pod allows everyone to enjoy comfort, dignity, and safety while washing. They are easy to install, offering a convenient modern alternative to older cubicle showers. With a few extra features, your shower pod will be the ideal environment for limited mobility users.

Wherever you plan to install your shower, it's not hard to make it accessible to everybody. To learn more about this, and to find the features that are right for your particular needs, download your free Shower Pods Guide here.

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