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Students Returning Post-Lockdown: Get Your Student Accommodation Back Up To Standard!

Posted by Kevin Taylor


As we approach the two-year anniversary of the first Covid-19 lockdown, life is beginning to return to normal. For students, lockdowns had a marked effect. Many undergraduates remained at home, deterred by the prospect of spending nearly their entire lives confined in single-room accommodation. Others chose to defer their courses by a year or more in the knowledge they wouldn’t enjoy a typical ‘student experience’.

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The result? Many undergraduates are now returning to university campuses, so demand on accommodation is likely to be high. Whether you’re a facilities manager on campus or a private landlord with a portfolio of student properties, now is the time to get your accommodation up to scratch.

Transform Your Student Bathrooms With Shower Pods     

If you’re tired of attending to tired-looking tile-and-tray showers cubicles that are difficult to clean or are constantly leaking, shower pods are a worthwhile investment.

Constructed from hardwearing and stylish GRP, shower pods will not only reinvigorate your bathrooms but will also solve the problem of persistent and expensive leaks. With shower pods for student accommodation from Advanced Showers, you can profit from some significant benefits:

  • No more leaks: the modular design of shower pods, which feature an integrated shower tray, completely eliminates the risk of leaks. In fact, we’re so confident that our shower pods are watertight that we offer a lifetime leak-free guarantee!
  • A stylish, low maintenance design: with contemporary shower pods, tiles and grout are out! All that is needed to keep the pods in superior condition is to wipe them down as part of normal cleaning schedules. With no more grout or seals to renew, maintenance is virtually unnecessary.
  • Rapid installation: shower pods are supplied in large sections that can be assembled in less than two hours by a single contractor – with no time-consuming tiling to complete afterwards! Shorter installation reduces labour fees, so you can invest in a higher quality product or enjoy all-round cost savings instead.
  • A complete range for every budget: whether you’re looking for a simple design that won’t break the bank, or a more stylish solution for more discerning students, our shower pods cater for every budget. We stock an extensive range of shapes and sizes, including alcove pods and corner pods for any bathroom design.

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To find out more about our contemporary shower pods and how they could transform your student bathrooms, please download our free Shower Pods Guide or get in touch today.

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