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Is Shower Pod Installation Quicker Than The Alternatives?

Posted by Michael Kiernan

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In every important respect, installing a shower pod is faster than the alternative options. That’s the quick answer to our question! But what are the alternatives to shower pods and what enables the fast installation time?

The Alternatives To Shower Pods

There are dozens of different types of shower, normally distinguished by the kind of doors used (bi-fold, hinged pivot, sliding etc.), and the direction of entry (e.g. corner units, offset quadrants, alcove showers, walk-in wet rooms etc.) There is also an enormous choice of materials and styles to choose from when purchasing a shower.

Despite this diversity, however, there are only really two underlying types of shower installation:

  • Tile and tray-based showers
  • Fibreglass shower pods

Let’s talk about tile and tray-based showers and their installation process.

When building showers for a new residential block or refurbishing an existing building, most designers start with a set of tiles and work from there. The cubicle space is tiled from ceiling to floor level (in most cases) and a suitable shower tray is installed separately. Once a plumber has connected the drain, mains water attachment and shower head, the tiles are sealed with waterproof grout and the join with the tray is sealed with mastic.

This looks straightforward on the surface, but how fast is it? In practice, contractors and end users experience several persistent problems with this approach:

Difficult to coordinate: A conventional tile and tray shower requires the input of at least two or three different types of contractor, including a plumber, tiler and electrician. This adds a layer of complexity to project management that increases the risk of delays, miscommunication and human error.

Disruption: Showers are usually installed at a late stage of the build. This introduces an element of disruption as workers and material require access to each individual cubicle. It not only delays the completion of the project, but also risks secondary damage occurring to other parts of the building; caused by people, materials or equipment in transit.

Mess: Installing a conventional tile and tray shower cubicle creates a lot of dust and waste material.

Length of time: Here is the crucial point for consideration; installing a traditional shower unit takes a long time. Even without delays, tiles frequently have to be measured and cut on site and adjustments made in order for all the elements to come together. It often takes a lot longer than anticipated.

Rapid Modular Assembly

Choosing a shower pod saves a lot of time for everyone involved. This comes down to a shower pod’s modular construction. Most shower pods are designed in 2 to 4 horizontal sections. These are fabricated in advance following either standard layouts or bespoke measurements. They don’t have to be delivered to site until just before installation, so there are no large piles of tiles and grout waiting around getting in everyone’s way. Once on site, the individual sections can be manoeuvred around even the tightest of corridors quickly and safely – and once in situ can simply be slotted together. A shower pod takes only one person to assemble, and the whole process can be completed in just a couple of hours. No messing about with laying tiles, applying grout, fitting a separate tray and sealing all the joints!

Once installed, a shower pod requires almost no ongoing maintenance. They are leak-proof, durable and easy to clean, making them an ideal choice for large blocks of accommodation such as university halls of residence or any other form of student accommodation.

Find Out More

If you are unfamiliar with shower pods and would like to find out more, please click here to download our Shower Pods Guide: The Long Term Solution To Leaks & Maintenance Costs. Here you will find a comprehensive guide to how shower pods are made, how they are installed and how to make the right choice of pod. For all sales enquiries, please get in touch by calling 01483 532 020.

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