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Space Saving Shower Pods By Advanced Showers

Posted by Michael Kiernan

Space Saving Shower Pods By Advanced Showers

Curious about the benefits of shower pods? In a small bathroom, such as a university halls of residence, a hostel, or other residential building, shower pods are a viable, cost-effective alternative to traditional tile and tray showers.

Here are some of the reasons why a shower pod makes a great alternative to old fashioned cubicles where space is tight.

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They Fit Into Small And Irregularly Shaped Spaces

Organising the furniture of a small bathroom can feel like a game of Tetris, as you try to find space for the shower, sink, and toilet while still allowing enough room to move comfortably.

The beauty of a shower pod is that it has a very small footprint. It's large enough for users to have a comfortable and complete shower experience, but it leaves you with valuable floor space free.

They Don't Leak

The shower pods from Advanced Showers all have leak-proof seals to keep water inside. This has a huge benefit for user comfort, and there will be no splashing or dripping all over the floor, as can happen with flimsy shower curtains.

Beyond this, the seals also offer protection against water damage. Leaks from a shower aren't just unsightly; they can cause long term problems to your tiling and other parts of the bathroom. Shower pods offer a simple and elegant solution.

They Can Fit Your Needs

There are a number of different sizes of shower pods for sale, allowing you to choose one that is the right size for your bathroom.

The compact designs take up little space - but when you're inside, users won't feel confined or uncomfortable. That's because the doors of shower pods let light in, giving them a brighter, airier feel than a booth closed with a shower curtain or screen.

They Take Advantage Of Your Floorplan

Advanced Showers manufactures shower pods which will fit handily into convenient spots in your bathroom. Our most popular ranges include corner pods and alcove pods.

Corner pods sit in a corner of the bathroom. They can be square, curved, or for something fresh and new, pentagonal. Either way, they are light and airy, and sit flush against your walls for a reduced footprint.

Alcove pods take advantage of a recess in your bathroom, and can be neatly slotted into the existing space or purpose-made stud wall opening. Different styles of door allow you to make them your own, and a range of dimensions are available.

If neither of these suit your bathroom, bespoke showers can also be ordered. This way, you can have a custom shower pod that uses your space as you wish.

Next Steps

Whether you're ready to order a shower pod, or you'd just like to know more, get in touch with Advanced Showers.

We'll be happy to answer your questions about finding the right shower pod for your organisation.

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