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How To Save Space By Installing A Shower Pod

Posted by Kevin Taylor

How To Save Space By Installing A Shower Pod

One of the most common problems with showers that have been in situ for a number of years is – they start to leak. Once that happens, no matter how much scraping and re-grouting is carried out, no matter how many tubes of silicone sealant are emptied, the leak, sooner or later, re-appears.

Enter The Shower Pod

Shower pods are not a new innovation; they’ve been around for 20 plus years. In recent times however, they are becoming increasingly popular as a cost-effective and space saving alternative to tray and tiled showers in new builds, school and university campuses, hotels, and the workplace.

Usually manufactured from GRP or similar material, they come in three sections plus door, shower fittings and rail. Rubberised seals ensure a watertight, self-contained unit, without the need of any additional tiling or sealing.

Space Saving Fast Installation

Many of today’s construction companies are involved in building ‘affordable housing’, and have no choice but to try to drive down costs in all areas, in an effort to keep the final product affordable. The modular construction of all our shower pods means they are quick and easy to assemble on site, and can be plumbed straight into the normal house plumbing. Without the need for any tiling, the installation is quick, cheap, and can be carried out by one man, saving on labour costs.

Further savings can be made on reduced maintenance. How? The smooth finish of our GRP mouldings allows for easy wipe down with a damp cloth. No grout or silicone turning black which has to be scraped out and re-grouted. After years of normal service, a shower pod can look as good as when it was first plumbed in. This adds up to many hours saved in cleaning and maintenance over the pod’s life cycle.

Where space is a premium, pods can go where normal showers can’t. At Advanced Showers, we maintain a comprehensive selection of standard corner and alcove pods in a selection of styles and finishes. We also regularly design bespoke pods for hotels, university, and house building clients.

Keep The Water Where It’s Supposed To Be

How many times do you get out of the shower and have to mop puddles of water off the floor? Whether children, teenagers or adults, everyone it seems, loves to swing the shower nozzle everywhere when showering. In hotels and other multiple occupancy buildings this creates a serious ongoing problem to keep leaks under control. With shower pods installed, the risk of damp permeating into the ceilings below (providing the shower door is kept closed), due to water escaping from the shower is greatly reduced.

If you’re seeking ways to save space and reduce maintenance in bathroom conversions, or your latest bathroom projects require tight budgeting with modern appeal, have a closer look at our range of shower pods. Our free Shower Pods Guide can be downloaded by clicking here.

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