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Why Shared Bathrooms Are The Worst Thing About University Student Accommodation

Posted by Kevin Taylor


Shared bathrooms are a common feature of university student accommodation, but they can also be a source of frustration and dissatisfaction. Students often have to queue for the limited number of showers in a student house or halls, and these cubicles (or, just as commonly, old and discoloured bathtubs) can also be unclean and cramped, which can create health and hygiene concerns.

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In light of these issues, it is clear that shared bathroom facilities are one of the worst aspects of university student accommodation. University facilities managers should be aware of these problems and work to address them where possible. Let's explore some of the problems and negative experiences students have with shared bathrooms.

Long Queues

Shared bathrooms can lead to long queues in morning hours. This can be especially frustrating when students are trying to get ready for a lecture or an exam. There's also the constant worry about leaving toiletries and towels out during the morning rush in case they get used by someone else. Some students have even had to clean up after someone else's mess before taking a shower!

Unclean And Cramped Cubicles

Students must also contend with the often poorly cleaned and restricted shower cubicles. It only takes one irresponsible user out of many for a shared bathroom to get dirty and messy pretty quickly. These unsatisfactory conditions can lead to a number of problems, including skin infections, slip risk, and a general feeling of discomfort. While university student accommodation providers should make every effort to maintain clean and comfortable shower facilities, the reality is that shared bathrooms have always been a source of frustration for many students.

Sharing A Shower With Strangers

In the case of the hostel-style communal wash facilities in some student halls of residence, it can be awkward and uncomfortable sharing showers with strangers. This is particularly true if you are not on good terms with someone, as you may have to queue in front of them or wait while they are showering. This can lead to a feeling of unease and invasion of privacy, which is why many students prefer to have their private bathroom.

Water Shortage

In many student apartments, each ‘private’ bathroom is shared by two or more people. This can lead to water shortages if too many people try to use the facilities at once. Without enough hot water to go around, these bathrooms can quickly become breeding grounds for disease. Not to mention, water shortages can lead to conflict between roommates, especially if one person is taking more than their fair share.

Shower Pods – The Better Option! 

Given all of the problems and negative experiences associated with shared bathrooms, it is no surprise that many students would prefer shower pods. These self-contained units provide greater privacy and are much easier to keep clean than traditional shared bathrooms. What's more, they don't leak – keeping steam and water inside the cubicle and thereby reducing dampness and mould in the bathroom. Download your free Shower Pods Guide today to learn more about this excellent alternative to traditional student shower facilities.

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