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Water Saving Shower Heads: How To Save Money On Your Water Bill In 2024

Posted by Kevin Taylor

A working shower head that's saving the user money on their water bill.

Investing in water-saving shower heads is a savvy cost saving strategy for any homeowner, facilities manager, or landlord looking to reduce their water consumption, utility bill, and environmental footprint in 2024. Water-saving showerheads are designed to regulate the amount of water used during a shower, controlling or restricting the flow of water while still providing an enjoyable showering experience for the user.

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There are a growing roster of brands of water-saving or eco-showerhead available, using different technologies to achieve their water-saving objectives. Some products use an aerating method, which mixes the water with air to produce a misty and highly pressurised spray (frequently used in hotels), while others ‘pulse’ the water in rapid bursts to maintain pressure while using less water overall.

Water-saving showerheads can help control and lower utility bills, as less water is used in each shower, and less energy is expended to heat the water. Some eco-showerheads can save up to 4 to 7 L of water per minute, yielding an impressive 70% saving on average water volume. Water-saving showerheads are also useful at reducing the environmental impact of household showers during dry summers and local water shortages.

How Much Do Water-saving Showerheads Cost?

The price of water-saving or eco-showerheads varies widely, with entry-level products available from as little as £20, and premium showerheads costing as much as £85-£200 or more. Units can be purchased from Amazon, B&Q, Screwfix, and many other DIY and home utilities outlets.

How Else To Save Money

With homeowners becoming ever more conscious of the environmental and financial impact of their showering and bathing habits, there are now a wide range of water-saving gadgets available to help you save money and water. These include simple wall mounted shower timers that help you keep track of time if you’re aiming for a four- or five-minute shower, and even shower-flow regulators that attach directly into the bottom of your shower hose to limit and restrict the flow of water.

What Next?

Before purchasing a water-saving shower head for your shower cubicle or shower pod, we recommend considering your local water pressure, the type of shower unit you have, and your personal preferences regarding shower spray patterns. To find out more and for our recommendations for use with our Advanced Showers shower pods, please contact one of our team by calling 01483 532020.

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