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Why Are Shower Pods From Advanced Showers The Best Solution For Hostels?

Posted by Michael Kiernan

Why Are Shower Pods From Advanced Showers The Best Solution For Hostels

Guests who stay in hostels often have a lot to say about the quality of the showers. In fact, good bathroom facilities can make or break your accommodation. A shower area that looks old or dirty rarely attracts guests - and communal showers?

Forget it. If you want to keep your ratings high, you'll need to hit the holy grail: enough showers to satisfy guests' demands, that are clean, modern, and fresh-looking.

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Shower Pods For Happier Guests

Shower pods offer a pleasant, modern solution to keep guests content. First, they allow guests more privacy than standard cubicles - always important in a hostel environment. Secondly, they take up little space. This allows you to install enough showers to satisfy demand, without having to compromise on the design of the building.

What's more, shower pods from Advanced Showers are guaranteed to be leak-proof. These complete shower units are fully contained, with water staying on the inside. This makes for a much more pleasant atmosphere. Even when a high volume of guests are showering, the floor of the bathroom area can remain dry - very important for client happiness.


A Low Cost Solution

Shower pods also offer other benefits. They are cheap to install, which is essential in a business like a hostel, which often runs quite tight margins. Furthermore, installation is a speedy process that won't lead to massive disruption over a long time. This makes them an ideal solution if you'd like to upgrade your hostel's existing shower facilities.

Once up and running, shower pods are cheap to keep going. Maintenance costs will remain low, allowing you to run them for years without breaking the bank - a must in an industry that is often uncertain, and reliant on seasonal business.


Adding Style To The Hostel

Finally, a pod shower is a much more attractive option than a traditional cubicle. For young travellers, who are often very image-conscious, aesthetics are important. A self-contained stand-up shower looks great. It's a quick and easy way to upgrade the appearance of a hostel bathroom.

The bathrooms of hostels need to be clean, efficient and hygienic. They must also have a distinctly modern appeal which is important to guests, who are far more likely to recommend or return to a hostel that is clean, fresh, and modern.

Upgrade To Shower Pods Now

Adding shower pods to your hostel bathroom transforms it instantly. Easy to install, cheap to maintain, and great to look at, these shower solutions are sure to keep even the pickiest guests happy. Download your free Shower Pods Guide and start planning your new hostel bathroom today!


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