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Heating, Humidistats, and High Ventilation: A Winning Combination for Mould-Free Showers

Posted by Kevin Taylor

Mould free shower head in shower as the homeowner has incorporated heating, humidstats and high ventilation in their bathroom



In all residential properties, active measures are required to inhibit the growth of mould, particularly in vulnerable rooms, such as bathrooms. Due to humidity in the air and the accumulation of condensation on sanitaryware and windows, bathrooms are particularly susceptible to mould, which is unsightly and unhealthy.


To prevent mould and maintain a healthy environment, it can be advantageous to incorporate heating, humidistats, and ventilation, particularly alongside our leak-free shower pods. In this article, we’ll outline everything you need to know about mould prevention in bathrooms.

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Heating plays a crucial role in preventing mould growth in bathrooms. When a bathroom is cold, damp air condenses on surfaces, creating an ideal breeding ground for mould spores. By maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature, heating systems help to eliminate excess moisture and discourage mould growth. Underfloor heating is particularly effective because it warms the floor and prevents surfaces from becoming cold, which is when condensation tends to occur.


Additionally, heated towel rails or radiators can help to dry damp towels, reducing moisture levels in the bathroom.



Humidistats are intelligent devices that monitor and control humidity, which is a key factor in mould growth. When high humidity levels are detected, humidistats trigger ventilation systems to expel excess moisture. They work hand in hand with heating systems to regulate the environment, ensuring that the bathroom temperature remains at a comfortable ambient level, thereby inhibiting the growth of mould.


Humidistats are particularly useful in multi-occupancy properties, such as student halls, where residents may forget to turn on extractor fans or to open windows.


High Ventilation

High ventilation is vital in keeping bathrooms mould-free. Without proper ventilation, moisture produced by showering, bathing, and washing accumulates, creating an environment that is conducive to mould growth. Ventilation systems, such as extractor fans or mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR), expel damp air and introduce fresh air, preventing the build-up of excess humidity.


When combined with heating and humidistats, high ventilation systems create a regulated, moisture-free environment, reducing the risk of mould.


Strength In Numbers

As well as heating, humidistats, and ventilation, leak-free shower pods can further enhance the effectiveness of a mould-free bathroom. Constructed from durable and ergonomic GRP, shower pods are designed to be completely watertight, preventing water from leaking into the surrounding areas. By eliminating leaks and ensuring that water is contained within the pod, shower pods minimise the potential for moisture-related issues, such as water damage and mould growth.


When used in conjunction with heating, humidistats, and high ventilation, leak-free shower pods create an environment that is highly resistant to mould growth and easy to maintain.


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