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Does a Mouldy Bathroom Lead To a Mouldy Building?

Posted by Michael Kiernan


In both residential and commercial settings, a mouldy bathroom can be a challenge to tackle. No one wants that tell-tale mould that can appear between tiles and in grout - and this can be especially common in leaky showers. But is this the root cause of mould, and can it spread further? We take a closer look.

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Why Does Mould Occur?

Mould thrives in damp and warm environments, so the humidity of your bathroom or shower room is the perfect breeding ground for mouldy conditions. The contained space of a shower unit is an especially common place to spot mould - and this can be even worse if your shower is leaking.

Leaky Showers and Mould

While you might not notice obvious water damage from a leaky shower, a constantly dripping shower head can cause the humidity in your bathroom to be fairly constant, causing mould growth. With showers that are leaking more heavily, this can impact the flooring beneath your shower and cause mould to spread to your floorboards, even if you cannot see a water stain on the ceiling below.

Can Mould Spread Through a Building?

Though it may sound like a myth, mould found in your bathroom can spread through a building. Not only can mould travel through drywall or floorboards that become moist due to a leak, it can also be transported on air currents. Mould spores can travel to other parts of a building through the air and can also travel on clothes, resulting in further mould around a property. Mould spores can also be found on animals or in water itself, so isolating mouldy areas is extremely important if you notice an issue.

What Can You Do About Mould?

Keeping bathroom areas well ventilated is one way to successfully tackle an issue with mould; however, hard-to-clean shower tiles and a leaky shower can cause mould to grow even with excellent ventilation. In this case, updating your shower to a leak-proof model is the best way to prevent mould growth.

Do you want to avoid the threat of mould a little bit easier? Advanced Showers can help. Our leak-proof shower pods are constructed differently from traditional tile and tray designs, meaning that you aren't left with grout that can easily become mouldy over time. Our modern shower pods are made of a flexible, non-porous material, and come in just three pieces that slot together to firm a perfectly watertight seal – meaning you never have to worry about leaks. Shower pods are simple to care for and can reduce the chances of mould spreading from your bathroom to your building – a simple wipe down is all you need. Get in touch to find out more.

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