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Upgrade Your Airbnb Guesthouse With A Stylish Shower Pod From Advanced Showers

Posted by Kevin Taylor

An Airbnb guesthouse bathroom upgraded with a stylish shower pod.

With the winter losing its grip, people all over the country are making plans to hit the road for a UK holiday, city break, or the opportunity to visit friends and families.

This surge in travel means more potential guests for your Airbnb or guesthouse, and with Airbnb now more popular than ever, the competition to secure guests in your local area has never been more intense.

Upgrading your property with a new shower pod from Advanced Showers is a good way to help bolster your bookings and cut down your maintenance requirements during your busiest time of the year.

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Why Upgrade To A Shower Pod?

Upgrading your property’s shower to a leakproof shower pod can enhance your guest experience in more ways than one. First and foremost, it gives your guests access to first-class luxurious shower facilities on the property, whether they are washing off after a day at the beach or getting ready for an evening out. It’s often the small features that make the biggest difference to customers when leaving reviews and considering where to book for their next stay.

However, beyond guest satisfaction, upgrading to a shower pod can also deliver significant savings in the way you maintain and manage your property. All shower facilities need maintenance and replacements from time to time, and the costs of doing so can quickly add up. Furthermore, shower cubicles are prone to leaks and can cause damp in your property, leading to unwanted repair bills and often unforeseen void periods at your peak season.

With their modular leakproof design, fast installation time, and low maintenance requirements, a shower pod is not just an investment in your property today, but also a means of decreasing your future maintenance costs. Unlike tile and tray showers, shower pods don’t need re-grouting every year or so, and require only a basic cleaning routine to sustain their pristine appearance, no matter how many guests you have on your property.

Choosing The Right Shower Pod

At Advanced Showers, we offer a range of shower pods suitable for all types and sizes of property. Functionality is the main factor to consider, but it’s also crucial to balance this with style – and we’ve got various styles available to suit every layout and taste. Depending on the capacity of your accommodation, you may want a compact pod suitable for a small shower room, or a more spacious corner unit for a larger guesthouse.

To speak with one of our team about the best solution for your property, please call us today on 01483 532020

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